Sunday, February 16, 2020

A Little Sewing.

At Katipatch a fortnight ago I bought a couple of fabrics I really liked.
 I am using one to make a dressing table runner.
The photo doesn't show off the shine all the dots have. It sparkles.
( in fact it kills the fabric's appeal ) 

 I have edged it with a fabric that also has sparkly spots.   I made the ends wider to get the length I wanted and I am putting appliqué seahorses at each end.
 I think I will back and bind it with the green fabric.

 I am at the stage of sewing them down.
( You can almost see the sparkle in this shot )
 I am pleased with how it is going so far and it is a quick project to get me back to patchwork/ sewing / quilting.

Still no useful rain. The proper lawn grass is the colour of this type. We have kikuyu  on some areas (and rubbish grass) which has stayed green. It is making gardening very tricky as we don't want plants to die. I am saving all sorts of used water for it.


kiwikid said...

Your sea horse runner is going to be beautiful. looking forward to seeing it done. Nothing worse than never ending hot weather on the garden and lawn. Hopefully you get some rain soon.

Janice said...

The shimmer of the fabric should work well with the sea horses. I do hope you get some useful rain soon. We’ve started to get some. It has been so hit and miss. Some places with severe flooding and others missing everything. We’ve been lucky and received just over 2 inches in the last couple of weeks.

Pam said...

Beautiful! I hope you've had some rain now. Here, we've had unusually much.

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