Sunday, February 02, 2020

Final Airing.

Today I went up to Katikati to the final Garden Party at Katipatch. ( see my sidebar for website ).
 Like here, it was extremely windy. So photos were a bit of a challenge.
My choice of the quilts hanging outside. I love Dragonflies.

 Inside this quilt had lots of discussion about how the perfection was achieved. ( we think with an embroidery machine or a computer generated pattern.the stitching was just so perfect.) However it was done it would still have taken a long time.
 ( quilts had no notation ) 
(click to enlarge )

 As always it was a great place to meet like minded friends both from our club and further away.I saw Linda ( Razzle Dazzle Quilter ) from Taupo who used to have a blog by that name but now is still on Instagram. She is still quilting for others so if you need a quilt finished call her..

 Food was yummy but served on paper plates a challenge! As for hats that were a bit loose!!
 I hope Carol made good sales as she and Eddie spend hours preparing for the event.


Janice said...

Beautiful quilts. They are always lovely to admire. It’s a pity this is the last airing.

loulee said...

Those dragonflies are stunning. Thank you for sharing.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful quilts, love the dragonflies. Shame it was so windy.

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