Thursday, March 26, 2020

A different Normal - Day 1.

I don't normally go out much but this is different. Lockdown means I'm  ( we ) ( everyone ) not allowed to go out being an older person and ( non essential ) makes me feel a bit useless and selfish but I do understand why it is necessary.  I can still smell the roses and go for a walk around our very quiet gated community. Today I walked just before lunch in some sunshine  and was able to chat across the road to some other folk and the mail man. Out on the main highway the trucks to and from Auckland are thundering by...delighted I'm sure to be travelling on near empty roads (they were probably going too fast ? )
 I have been doing lots of planning to make sure our supplies last as long as possible. Having a bread maker and a big supply of flour I intend to make foccacia bread every 2nd or 3rd day to keep the Vogels and Molenberg for toast.
This one just ready for the oven.  R is quite a good cook to and takes his turn when he feels like it. We have a very full freezer altho most fresh veges are coming to and end.

Tomorrow would have been my Patchwork and Quilting group day but that is off for the foreseeable future so I will make every effort to work on a project at home.
 I have also been into my knitting supplies and decided I will start a vest for littlest grandson.
 It is quite worrying how indispensable our TV, phones and computers have become...our lifelines.
 Please all keep posting about how you are managing.
Skype Grandchildren don't create much mess do they!


kiwikid said...

So good you have a gated community and you can still get out for a walk and some contact. That foccacia looks amazing. We are self isolating here as much as we can. Keep safe.

Janice said...

What a topsy turvy world we live in. It makes us appreciate the little things, like our garden, home cooking and family. We aren't in lockdown as yet, but are being encouraged to stay home as much as possible. My work (a legal firm) is still open, but I don't work on Thursday or Friday, which is good. We are trying to stay home as much as we can. Aren't we lucky to have quilting as our pastime. Some of my work colleagues worry that they will go stir crazy very quickly if (and when) we go into lockdown. Stay safe and I hope you make good stitching progress.

loulee said...

Stay safe and busy during the lockdown. I'm sure as a crafter and gardener you will find plenty to keep you occupied.