Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Getting Sorted

It's very windy, then this afternoon it started to rain, so I was able to abandon any idea of working under the vines. Instead I crawled around on the floor sorting my Hexagons. You see the number I need is getting close now and I hadn't sorted by colour groups before. I put them out in colour families and discovered that I actually have less red, orange and purple than other colours. I have shown the photo from both ends of the room and one photo shows a group that I called multi coloured and one predominantly black. I think all up I need 270 or maybe 250 would work. I actually did all this so I could get out my fabric and actually check if indeed I did have certain motifs already sewn. I thought I could remember but just needed to check a few. By doing this I managed to cut out a further 20 picture hexies. One photo also shows cut, but as yet unsewn ones. They all look yummy set out and I love playing with them! (Now I have to go and bag them up again.) So if I decide to find 20 more I hope to get some more red, orange and purple ones , but when they are all mixed as they will be in the quilt it looks a great mix of lights and darks. ( for anyone reading this who doesn't already know I am making a boys' I Spy Quilt ( single bed size ) using quilt as you go Hexagons.)
Totals: 216 sewn
250 cut
Not sure how many are machine quilted about 3/4 I think. I am happy with that!


Fiona said...

Don't they look fabulous! Just seeing them in your photos makes me want to start picking them up and looking at them and arranging them.

Joyce said...

They look great especially with the black border. How are you quilting them? Can we see a close up of a couple of them?

Hedgehog said...

They look great - can't believe how many you have done!

ForestJane said...

That's a lot of hexagons!

All laid out like that, they remind me of the girl scout badges I used to earn. They had different backgrounds too, depending on what level you were. :)

Deb Hardman said...

WOW! What a lot of work! It's a good thing you are enjoying it!
I love a rainy or snowy days that I can spend playing indoors & guilt free!

Unknown said...

Ali - they're lovely - they made me want to pick them up and play with them like a set of dominos