Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Next Step.

Although I haven't completely finished sewing all the hexagons I had time at the weekend to spread them all out on the floor and decide on their sewing order. I did the back first to make sure the star fabrics were evenly spread through the spot fabric, then flipped them over and made sure the colour spread darks and lights were okay and that there wasn't 2 tractors together or 2 cats or 2 anythings. I then labeled each row and picked them up in order in little stacks. I have started to handsew them together using a type of blanket stitch with a knot ( I use the same one when making felt balls....It is really strong and tensions each stitch ). The 1st row has 14 hex then 13 fit in the gaps on the 2nd row then 14 again and so on. One pic shows the back, and there are some close up ones for you to see Joyce. If you look closely at the fronts you can see where I have overlapped the machine quilting stitch to secure it...I don't like knots.
I am now on the 2nd row. I will finish making the rest of the hexagons when I need portable work to take with me. As the quilt growsI won't want to lug it with me. Thanks to those who have offered to post me fabric for this, but you don't know what I already have so it makes it difficult..... I think I will get there as I have only a very few left to source now, to make up my 270.

On the orchard the male kiwifruit flowers are out and being collected for extra pollen and the females should be in full flower during the next week. Our bee hives will come into the orchard then. I will show you that when it happens. Let's hope for some calm, fine weather now to make life easy for the little bees and to ensure we don't have to pay for too much extra sprayed on pollen. I am still thinning flower buds and tying in growth in the afternoons. Yesterday was 25 degrees centigrade under the vines. Phew!


Askinstoo said...

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KC Quilter said...

You have inspired me to pull out my box of hexes and make a few more!!! Love the black edge.

ForestJane said...

That looks great so far. :)

The kids at the library where I work would love looking at all the different things in the hexagons. Have you thought about making an I Spy page of things for them to find?

I made a forest ecosystem peepshow type shadowbox once, and had a list on the outside of the box that said, "Can you find... two robins, one owl, a squirrel, one redheaded woodpecker..." etc. What surprised me is how many adults spent time looking for all the animals too!

Joyce said...

Thanks for the close-up. I am impressed with your quilting.