Saturday, November 04, 2006

That Magazine.

Gosh what an exhausting week it seems to have been. Since the weather was fine it's been all on with orchard work, so it was just as well I had a hair appointment prebooked from last time or I probably wouldn't have made it into the city at all. But I did ( on Wednesday ) and while there had quite a list of things to do including buying a couple of gifts. One involved me going to Mag Addiction for some beading mags as part of a gift. While there I did a quick scan of the Quilting mags and decided to treat myself to something different from those I have on order.( I have "Quilting Down Under," on order at that shop and get my lovely "NZ Quilter," by post...but it's only quarterly, so I really look forward to it ) I got a September copy of ( takes a while to get to NZ ) "Popular Patchwork," a UK mag and am so enjoying it! Why?

I thought about this for awhile and realized that all the adverts were new and worth reading as well as the articles - I didn't recognize them and know them. Some of the photos were repeats of Australian quilts but that always seems to happen. The other seemingly small but significant difference was the UK mag like the NZ one are stapled down the spine and so lie open easily and stay flat. Now that's an advantage if you are reading it while having a coffee or eating lunch. ( as I so often am ) It is also lighter but seems to have just as much content. ( less storage space? ) I wonder what you all like your quilting magazines....or don't you bother with them?


Fiona said...

I have to say ... I don't bother with them. Mainly because I prefer to buy quilting books because they are better value I think. This doesn't just apply to quilting magazines, I rarely buy any magazines now. I used to when I was younger but nowadays I would rather buy a book whether the magazine is about cookery, gardening, women's interest or whatever. It's probably a cyclical thing and in a couple of years I'll go back to magazines again.

ForestJane said...

Ohh, yes, I agree with you. I don't buy books, but I do buy the occasional magazine from the newstand.

I don't subscribe to any of them precisely because it does seem to be the same thing, over and over, the same gammill ad with the same smiling woman in the same picture. Even on the back, the same advertisement there too. Only the projects and the cover seem to change, so I only buy if there's a new technique taught. I give myself from the end of the checkout line to the front to decide if there's something in that one I want... if not, I leave it in the store.

And if the magazine is all enclosed in plastic wrap so I can't peek at the insides, forget it, I don't even pick it up.

KC Quilter said...

Well, I am--unfortunately--a magazine junkie!!! I subscribe to Fons and Porter, American Patchwork & Quilting, and McCalls. But I always manage to pick up some each month on the newsstand also! So fun to while away an evening browsing through the photos and articles about my favorite hobby!