Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How Busy is Too Busy?

I'm glad I had that afternoon in the shade - I haven't had time to go back there since ! ( that was a week and a half ago )

I always think it is good to be busy, but sometimes it gets a bit much....haven't even been to the computer for 2 days - hate that.
* our fridge has been being incontinent for the last few weeks - we can't fix it so it went to hospital today. ( Leanne we might end up doing what you did )
*Some more feathers have been hand sewn at night.
*There is nothing old denim left in this house to cut into circles - looks like a heap of blue crepes ( pancakes ) 26 so far.
*Is someone able to tell me why the photos on my blog shift back to the top no matter where I insert them?
*has anyone uploaded the programme that allows you to print out your blog without side bars, headers etc?

*now something quilty.
Last Friday at our group, 2 members demonstrated 3 ways to make Cathedral Windows. They showed some articles they had made using them. I made a sample because I have never done it before and always like to learn when there is an opportunity.I choose the all by hand method.

1. Using a 9" square of plain fabric iron over 1/4 seam all round( wrong side facing up )Fold the square diagonally and iron a wee crease in the middle . Then fold the opposite diagonal and iron another crease ( to find and mark the exact middle )
2. Fold each corner into the middle so it looks like 4 envelope flaps.Press.
3.Secure the centre by hand stitching 2 tiny crosses. Stitch only the flaps not through the back layer of fabric. Keep corners sharp.
4. Make a second one the same, then lay them face to face flaps in. Join one seam using blanket or whip stitch.
5. Fold out and measure the size of the square formed in the middle. ( 2" in my case ) Cut a square that size of fancy fabric and pin it in the space you measured.
6.Roll the surrounding borders over the window and using tiny stitches start at one corner and sew the 2 edges together till you cover the feature fabric, then sew the curtain to the feature fabric till you get to the next corner then repeat till your curtain is secured all the way around the window. ( see photo for stages )
7. You then make as many of these as you require in rows , then sew the rows together.
8. As this has no batting it is suitable for cushions, table runners, bags, etc.


Katney said...

If I want to rearrange my photos, I go to html mode and figure out which part of the code is the photo I want to move, then copy it and paste it where I want it. It takes some concentration since I don't know html at all. I copy it instead of cut it so that I can try again if I get it wrong.

meggie said...

I upload all my pictures then write the text around them, so they are where I want them. Does that make sense?
I have never tried those cathedral windows.

Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny. An incontinent refrigerator -- I'm still laughing!

Darlene said...

I love making Cathedral Windows, but I have not made any for a few years, however I do like the idea for the Mock Cathedral Windows. I think I might give that one a go.

Guðrún said...

If I were your DH I would wear my jeans 24/7 so you don´t cut them into circles.