Friday, February 06, 2009

Waitangi Day.

"Happy Waitangi Day ( New Zealand Day ) to All Kiwis, here in NZ or overseas."

I hope you manage to enjoy some time out over the long weekend!
( NZ Pohutukawa ( NZ Christmas tree ) Flowers )


Jennifer said...

Beautiful flowers! I am in Sydney, and the Blue Mountains are about an hour's drive west from here.
BTW did you want to amend your profile, or are you really 252 years old?
I have a rel with a kiwi fruit farm in Te Puke, my maternal grandmother was born in NZ.

meggie said...

Wow, I had forgotten it was Waitangi Day until my brother reminded me. Love your Pohutokawa flowers. I must check to see if mine are in bloom.
We are currently having a heatwave... very tiring.
Ejoy your weekend!!

downunderdale said...

love your pohutakawa flowers! Happy Waitangi Day to us all