Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Joy of Giving ( or not ).

On this blog I will not unburden myself and discuss many things I think about because some of my friends and someone very close read here from time to time. So I mainly stick to safe subjects like quilting, orcharding, books and hobbies. Today I wish to branch out a little, and think about 2 things.
At the top of this post is a wee notice that a friend, who cares about on line privacy, like I do, sent on an email for me to use and pass on. If you too care about this please right click on the insert and use it on your email for a while till those folk who bug you by spreading email addresses across the net, get the message. Yesterday for the first time ever I put an acquaintance's name on my "block this sender," list - I just can't tolerate the juvenile trivial jokes she sends any longer. ( that's not to say I don't like jokes but they have got to be clever for me to appreciate them )
The joy of Giving ( or not ). Increasingly we are being bombarded by other folk wanting our money. I have personal rules about this -the main one being it is MY decision. Yes, I do give to some Charities - but I will decide who they are. So don't ring me up and hassle me cause that is the surest way of getting the NO answer. I do not wish to buy anything over the phone either.
Donations over $5 in NZ are tax deductible, so I prefer to give mainly larger sums to just a few selected charities. If they say they will send a receipt I expect one ( otherwise off my list ). If they then spend that money sending out copious glossy newsletters wasting the money, that too ,will get them off my future giving list. If they then employ many new staff and give them new cars to drive around in, that too will get them off my list.
I no longer belong to any recognised religion /church and I do not believe in the concept of tithing. ( dictionary = a tenth part of produce, income or profit especially to church or clergy ) This way of giving was obviously thought up by someone well to do who would not miss a tenth part being taken off the top. Quite a different story for someone on the breadline. ( dictionary =a queue of people waiting in line for free food; impoverished, living at subsistence level ).
( I also know some rich folk are very tight fisted and that's how they became well to do. Luckily I also know some heart warming stories of folk who very quietly give and do great things that the media and general public never get to hear about - I love those people! )
Giving / donating, may sometimes be more effective if it is your time or expertise given. Teaching someone life skills, providing tools, space, equipment to help themselves become self sufficient. Even on a local level this can be useful. Some of our schools are now encouraging and teaching kids to grow food and by doing it at community level folk can see what is happening, gain knowledge and skills and have a go themselves. Teaching young ones life skills is so valuable. being able to care for yourself, your finances, and well being are as important as they ever were.
There is a joy in giving, as long as the gift is used for what I thought I was giving to. We all have so much more than we realise.


SoozieSuzy said...

I am so glad someone else thinks as I do. I feel it is offensive to receive fancy promotions from charities that you have already given too. It really does make me wonder how much goes to the intended recipients and how much is taken by management,further promotion, administration costs, etc?

Molly said...

Well said Ali! I agree with every word you said. With so many scams these days you want to be sure what you give goes to those it was intended to help, not into some fat-cat administrator's pocket!

loulee said...

Well said, well put and bravo.

Guðrún said...

Hear, hear!!!

YankeeQuilter said...

I so hate the annoying phone you we have a set group of charities that we support.

And as for the emails...I don't even want to go there!

Leanne said...

Me too.
SPCA was a charity we gave freely to - but their advertising well!!!!
Now I drop off pet food - no money
Foodbank bins we put in basic food hoping it will help some kiddy

Love Leanne

anne bebbington said...

Personally I tend to give to non-animal charities, not because I don't like animals but because, here in the UK, so many people support them that I think other things can get lost in the melee. Charitable giving is a very personal thing and we all choose our recipients for a variety of reasons but like you I do wonder if such expensive advertising is really necessary or if people's hard earned donations would be better put to use helping the recipients directly

Meggie said...

All very well said Ali. I totally agree about giving. It will be my choice, when I decide. Bullying me results in refusal outright.

I also agree about emails. Help stop spam & please dont send hate mail emails either! I have a relative who sends me the most banal of tripe, & I cannot believe she would bother.

Laurie from Rotorua said...

You may get this having a " oop's" day

I could not agree more with all you have to say on both subjects.
I was bought up to believe that charity begins at home.
I would love to help all the world wide needy but this is not possable so as an active member of Rotary we have realised that the best form of giving is "Time and Skills", these we can give locally and see the benifit our offering makes.

andsewitis Holly said...

Thanks for passing on that reminder. I will definitely be "reminding" people with it. :)

Here in the U.S. we can request to be put on the national 'no call' list which means solicitors can be reported if they call asking for donations etc. I love that!