Monday, July 13, 2009

Winter Colours.

Although this is the coldest Winter we have had since the early 1980s there are still spots of colour and signs of Spring that make my heart glad. ( Cunonia or butter knife bush at the top. ) ( Nandinas below the Copper Beech ) The photo with the blue pot part way down the drive is not as attractive as it once was. 2 trucks have now driven over it and broken all the curved wooden edge R had made.

All the machine quilting I intend doing on the Jewelled Bird quilt is now done. I now have a very sore neck and left shoulder. Conclusion - I will not try and quilt a quilt that measures 84 by 64 inches AGAIN!
I did learn heaps about the best ways to approach different parts of the quilting though. To ensure I stayed straight on the short panels I used a little square ruler 4.5 by 4.5 and my chalk marker at the machine as I went then it didn't rub off and I was able to work continuously from the middle to each edge. I am pleased with my spacing. Using the metal guide supplied with the machine was a pain and just made one more thing for the bulk of the quilt to snag on so I took it off.
The machine quilting has definitely improved the look of the quilt so I am pleased about that. The remainder of the hand stitching is being done each evening with my feet up on the couch. I will certainly have 2 quilts ready for our Exhibition at the end of the month. PHEW.
I am SO looking forward to starting some new projects, some small projects!


Molly said...

[Stamping feet with impatience!] When do we get to see it??

Ali Honey said...

Patience please. I need to find the right setting for a photo. ( I'm working on it )

Meggie said...

I love seeing those blue BOP skies, & your garden.
Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt too!

Guðrún said...

I am also asking "When do we get to see the quilt?"