Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quilt Exhibition Photos.

Phew! Such a small band of ladies got all the quilts hung and we are so proud. It looks fabulous.

We ended up with 97 entries. Large quilts; medium quilts; small quilts; wall hanging; bags and aprons. I was there 8.5 hours so am exceedingly tired but look at the results.

Tauranga Patchwork and Quilters' Exhibition opens at 10am tomorrow Friday 31st July at Baycourt. here are the first batch of pictures. More to come each day.
(Click on to enlarge photos.)


Joyce said...

Thanks for the quilt show pix. I think I could spend my life going around to quilt shows.

anne bebbington said...

Ali - your Egyptian quilt looks spectacular! Well done on getting it finished in time

Diana said...

That's a lot of quilts to hang! They look really good. I'm happy to see your Egyptian quilt up there. It looks really good.

Leanne said...

Gosh your quilt has turned out stunning.
Thanks for posting photos of quilts,such talented ladies!

Love leanne

kiwicarole said...

Thanks for sharing, I will enjoy visiting each day. Wish I could visit in person!

Meggie said...

Absolutely Fabulous!
Your Egyptian quilt is stunning.
I see your mock Cathedral Windows too, excellent.

Guðrún said...

Your quilt looks awesome and finished!

Molly said...

Your finished quilt is fabulous! I'm sure your husband loves it [it is for him, isn't it?]

Laurie from Rotorua said...

Should be there to see the results Saturday
Well done ladies