Friday, February 17, 2012

Now on the Wall.

Last year when we were holidaying in UK we went to many interesting places. One that caught my imagination was Mevagissey in Cornwall. ( I wrote about it in August last year. )While we were there we bought this print by Simon Clarke that today finally got hung on the wall. It is such fun. Enlarge it so you can see, the sheep in the phone box; the eyes on the crays in the pots; the cows; the seagull and of course the dog making the sheep walk the plank. The print is called "Walking the Plank."
 More work by this artist can be seen by googling his name ( Simon Clarke - Quay Reflections Gallery or  )
 A street in Mevagissey.

 The shop window before we bought the print. It is partly shown in the right side . Another by the same artist is in the middle.

 I got google images to show Mevagissey; there are so many lovely photos . The wharf area surrounded by the houses clinging to the hillside is typical of several seaside towns we saw.
Today it is raining steadily SO no orchard work and the plants are loving it. I'm off to sew right now!


Molly said...

I love his houses! His style reminds me of Tomie de Paola's pictures in books I read to my children when they were little.

Thimbleanna said...

What a fun print! I love that he incorporates the little animals -- in funny scenes. Thanks for the smile tonight!

Jennifer said...

They are fun pictures indeed - the detail is something to look for. A rainy sewing day sounds good to me!