Sunday, February 26, 2012

Busy Weekend.

After that wet spell we now have warm sunny slightly autumnal type days. This red nerine is one of many that will flower over the next few weeks. They seem to thrive in our conditions and I now have 100s.( in about 5 different sites, so some flower earlier than others. )
       I was not very popular when I asked if R would drive the truck for me to stand on the deck to cut off the low hanging branches on the 2 oak trees. Threatening to get some blokes in and pay them to do it seemed to do the trick. It took less than an hour. I didn't cut myself or fall off the deck of the truck and the sunlight is now getting through to the garden below much better. Thank you R that wasn't SO bad was it?
Percy Progress. Percy Peacock is now concentrating on pulling out the smaller feathers further up his back. He left me this little one would make a lovely quill pen if we still used such things. ( Loulee and Gina, some folk think it is bad luck to have peacock feathers inside. Folk in India where it is a sacred bird think it is very good luck. I have them inside and don't think they have ANY influence on good or bad luck that is just superstition.)  They look great in a vase so that is why I have them.
These are peaches called Flatto,. It is the first time I have seen them in NZ. We tried them when in the UK last July . They are very yummy and easy to eat. There were 5 in a long little cardboard tray.( I has been eaten so missed the photo ) 
 They are grown ( by the Paulin brothers at Clyde Orchard )  at Clyde in the far south of the South Island. They are called different things in different countries( Pan toa in China; Saturn in USA; Sweetcap in France. ) They are being sold at New world and Pak'n'Save supermarkets.
 It is a busy busy gardening weekend for me..... getting lots done...there is still lots to do.    Have a happy weekend everyone !


Jennifer said...

Must keep an eye out for those peaches! Your nerine is very pretty - I have never seen a red one, only pink. Some people say peacock feathers are unlucky, some say they are I suppose you can believe whatever you would like to believe.

Tania said...

You are a veritable green-thumbed inspiration! Appreciating the Percy update, to boot.

Meggie said...

What curious looking peaches! I love the Peacock feathers, as you know, and I would not be superstitious about them either. Your Nerines are just beautiful.

Isabelle said...

I can't get nerines to grow but a garden not far away has lots. They're on a bank, though, so I assume they need good drainage.

Love the selvage (spelling?) quilt.