Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bright Spots in the Garden.

Gentle drizzle is falling over BOP this morning. It is 28 days since we had any significant rain so it is much appreciated. It is forecast to get a lot heavier later. Knowing  it was coming I have been out yesterday wandering with the camera, looking for colourful delights and wondering what season it really is...late roses mixed with daffodils ....certainly some very mild days for Winter just lately. Come with me for a look around.
 Penelope rose, is it late or early?

 This certainly says early Springtime..what a depth of yellow.
Orchids happily flower outside.
 Pretty pink Polyanthus nestle in beside the grey of a Curry plant( a bit of weeding needed there )
 Newish lemon ones mixed in with older ones.
 Stelatta magnolia is getting lots more sun since the big trees were felled.
 Stelatta is ahead of Charles Raffles magnolia but he is big and showy and far too high up to photograph easily.
Itty Bit camellia always puts on a fine show of smaller pink flowers - a very compact camellia for near the house.
A pink geranium with a Narcissus cheerfulness ( or Winter Cheer ) - oh the perfume!
 Some of the delights are edible.
 Lots of meyer lemons and limes are ready and being used and given away.
 Not this though. This was so yummy....
 The large one was eaten last night, the other is getting bigger. Grown in a blue sided raised tub the soil is kept warmer than the garden soil. The ones in the garden have done all right too......just take a little longer.

The kiwifruit vines are now all pruned and tied down. The prunings have been mulched with the big mower and all the blocks ( this is 2B )  look neat and tidy.

 When I went for a walk the other day I notice that the pine tress in the area are all covered in flowers. That fills the air, clings to the car, along with lots of bee poo ( so needs a thorough clean ) and makes some folk sneeze. A lot floats over from Matakana island's pine plantation  as well.
 Ah, the rain is getting heavier. I have lot of garden jobs ( planting ) to do when the rain has moistened the soil. Meanwhile I will sew. Both projects are progressing satisfactorily.
 Have a happy weekend friends. 


Diane-crewe said...

thanks for taking us with you x hope the rain does not batter the beaufiful blooms too much .. usually makes the colours even brighter which is a bonus xx enjoy your sewing

Jennifer said...

Can you send us some rain too please? It's been a dry winter here too. Love those flowers!

Thimbleanna said...

Norain in 28 days? Wow. Does that mean the kiwis can go that long without rain? Or do you have to water them?