Monday, August 05, 2013

Purchases and Kim's Class.

Finally feeling well again. Thanks for your encouragement.
 A beautiful fine, clear, sunny, Winter, BOP day today. The pruners have just completed the Winter pruning of the kiwifruit so R is out on my tractor with the big mower mulching it all up. 
While at Symposium in Taupo I visited the Merchants mall a few times. I purchased 4 new books for our P and Q Groups' library and these 3 mags and one book for myself. I had never come across these French quilting mags before.( Quilt mania ).
I also got these. 2 new small pairs of scissors. Both seem excellent so far. The ones in the pink case are 7" with very, very fine teeth - especially good for very fine fabric. One of my classmates recommended the wonderfil invisafil thread for appliqué work. Which brings me to the subject of my other class, - a one day session with Kim McLean from Australia. Using this fine thread and size 12 needles I was unable to thread the needle, so went and got some size 9 needles and this marvellous needle threader ( my 1st! ) It is designed for very fine needles only and must be treated with care ( I will ).
 I have not done much appliqué, so was hoping for good instruction, but this class was more about fabric selection and how to look at ugly / busy fabric and see what is hiding inside them.

 These were the fabrics I took to class. But these below were the fabrics I added after the whole class went shopping for more daring patterned  fabrics.
 So there goes my want to make my blocks out of blues and greens and lots of spots.
 In order to do this class we had to have purchased one of Kim's patterns. This is mine. ( it is for a king sized quilt ) Here are some of the others I could have used.( on the classroom wall )

Here is my first block face down showing the process Kim recommends for doing her appliqué.
 Using freezer paper and drawing straight onto the fabric.
 On the website there  are patterns and Kaffe fabrics that she recommends. A  tutorial on her method can be found on glorious

 My first block completed. My method is improving. My stitches are invisible but some of my curves need more practise. I am not thrilled with  this. Will it grow on me?
 Here with the 1 1/2 " squares around it I like it better.
 I am now wrestling with the idea that I just make this one block and turn it into a cushion, an apron , a wall hanging....... or should I do some more blocks just to perfect he technique and see what they look like together ? There are 24 flower blocks.  I will not be doing the borders - the top and bottom really don't fit with the rest of it in my opinion.  Probably I will continue as I have all that new equipment and fabrics and need hand sewing.
 Luckily my other wall hanging from Gloria's class is shaping up nicely and do have the desire to finish it.


Jennifer said...

Interesting purchases! I will be curious to see what you make with your finished block, or indeed if you ever make anything at all.

Nicky said...

Nice shopping... the Kim McLean applique will be a big project, but you're off to a lovely start.

brandy1 said...

I think that Kim McLean pattern is lovely and would be worth the effort. Perhaps making another block may get you on the path.These "things" that take us out of our comfort zone are a good discipline and a challenge.So far it's looking good Ali. I enjoy visiting your blog. Seems like you go to a great patchwork group.Shirley

Thimbleanna said...

Finally catching up with my blog reading -- it sounds like you had a great time in Taupo. I'd love to take a class from Kim McLean -- I've seen some of her beautiful quilts in Houston.