Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Some of Everything.

Right now the house smells really nice cause I've been making bread. It is pouring with rain which means I can do inside things; that's good except we should have been getting our very important kiwifruit bud break spray on...yesterday would have been great but the sprayers must have been doing somebody else's.  I worked in the Winter sun all afternoon doing my kiwifruit clean up tasks while listening to my radio.
   Monday was spent doing accountancy tasks ( tax; GST , Accounts ) all day till 3 pm - it  has to be done so best to get it out of the way early in the week.
 We both have just shelled walnuts for 40 minutes, so that is 18.929 kilos done Leanne. ( we had conveniently been forgetting about them ).
   I have also been gardening; planting the first pea seeds and more broccoli plants and carrots.  R has potatoes out hardening up the sprouting eyes . We have just one left from last years' crop then it is bought ones. In the flower garden I planted sweet pea seeds and delphinium plants and did some weeding while I was there. I need to spend several days doing that as that the rain is growing weeds very nicely.
   Meanwhile my evenings have been filled with hand sewing and TV watching. The Descent from Disaster programme about the 1918 flu epidemic was pretty horrifying - the largest # of Kiwis that have died at one time from one cause.( 8000 I think )
 That's flower 3 and the beginning of 4. I had trouble with some fraying with the yellow fabric on 3 so won't be using that one again. I think flower 4 will be a challenge as I am still not good at my concave curves and it has  lots. ( anyone got any useful tips or is it how you hold your mouth? )
 I have also got ready the 3 parts that make up heat proof coasters - to make 6 with NZ fabrics for the kitchen sales table at our exhibition which is only a month away now.
 The larger green ones are the baking that gets folded over to the front and hand sewn down. I have done literally hundreds of these - 2 whole kids' eye spy quilts and many, many place mats and coasters. So for me it is a quick option. The ladies running the sales table think we need more things to sell. ( which means some of our members have made nothing)
 Right I'm off the quilt some more circles.About half done I think.


Jennifer said...

Yum, home made bread! I think you have nailed must hold your mouth just so for those curves.

Thimbleanna said...

It's not how you hold your mouth -- it's what drink is in your glass LOL!

Sounds like you're BUSY -- I'm tired just reading about all you do!!!

Mary said...

Hi again busy lady! I think I smell that delicious bread from here - looks lovely! Today I plan to make wholemeal cheese scones - I make a big batch and freeze them, taking out a couple at a time for toasting at breakfast or to accompany a nice bowl of homemade soup for supper. I may also make scones - I have blackberries to use up so might give it a shot with them - I've done raspberries, blueberries and strawberries - all were yummy. They freeze well too.

Hugs - Mary

MandaBurms FarmStay for Cats. said...

18kgs of walnuts I am very impressed!

Your bread looks very yummy!

Love Leanne

Anonymous said...

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Nicky said...

Oh that bread looks amazing! You have been super busy, still a little early for much vege planting down south, but I am keen to get started. Your needleturn is looking good...