Tuesday, October 08, 2013

It's Good to be Busy....

It's good to be busy but not much sewing has happened lately as Spring has sprung and the outside jobs take precedence  Flower # 4 above is finished, but is supposed to have a coloured centre which I will not decide on till I am putting the blocks together. ( probably yellow or pink I think ) I hang the completed blocks on a hanger in the cupboard to keep them flat and all together.
 The last 10 days or so I have been back in the orchard - crush tipping the first new growth and cutting out the dead  bits the pruners lazily left. New  sunblock had to be purchased but already I have a white watch and gloves design on my forearms. Over head there is no shade at the moment so it gets really hot mid afternoon.
 The weekends have been even busier or at least harder work; digging and weeding and cutting out and cutting back and all those sort of jobs.( how can honeysuckle smell so good but be such a b...er to cut out and get rid of ? ) I have tucked my strawberry plants in with straw.( and the netting surround stops the wind blowing it and makes it difficult for the birds to steal as bedding material )
 They have flower buds.
 I keep planting out new short rows of lettuce as we often have salad at lunch time. The first row is disappearing fast. Sometimes I have a struggle with myself when they look so nice and fresh and green that I don't want to pick them, but it only lasts a few seconds as I know the younger they are picked the sweeter they will be. I can have the leaves picked washed and in out mouths in less then 5 minutes!

 This is looking from the other direction.the 3rd row. For the next rotation I am preparing somewhere else. I spent Sunday afternoon spading /cutting away an edging along a flower garden - it needed straightening out. In the ground I have gained an new border is required and I decided,  a partially edible one would look good. Those green lettuce leaves are really attractive so why not use those interspersed with some low flower plants.and some red frilly lettuces too. ( photos when complete )

 I have done the 2nd macadamia nut collection and will do the 3rd today or tomorrow. here they are spread out on the trolley ( Dolly ) . R is helping peel the outer green shell off then they lie in the sun to dry out.
 here is the 1st lot.
 I took this photo of my extra narrow strip of garden cause the early morning sunlight was making the coloured stems of the silver beet ( chard ) shine so brightly.
 At this end are my first 3 capsicum plants.

 Shelled walnut count 20,266 kgs.


Jennifer said...

Wow, that's a lot of walnuts! Macadamias are good, how do you crack the shells? They are really hard work. Your flower looks very tropical!

Thimbleanna said...

What a great idea to plant lettuce for borders! Your pictures make me want to try some lettuce -- I've always hesitated because we have such a bunny problem. Maybe I'll try a little next year and see what happens.

Molly said...

Your applique block looks really nice! I have been the un-sewer since Getting home from UK. Need to do something, soon, about that! You are so busy and yet you seem to get so much done!

Joolz said...

Have you seen Pip's Flower quilt?


It's stunning!

Joolz said...

I also meant to mention that Pip is a New Zealander originally...