Thursday, October 10, 2013

This is How.

Jennifer this is how we crack the macadamia nuts.
 Nut sitting in the jaws...
 Of this little device.
 When the handle is pulled down it closes the jaws which split the nut shell.
 The only other way I know of that works easily is to put the nut between the rubber of an outdoor doormat. ( the sort that has hard rubber bits held together with metal. ) and hit them with a hammer ( it stops the nut flying away when hit.) They must be completely dry first or they will just squash.
 On Tuesday night and early Wednesday we had a stormy time with wind and rain. It had been forecast so I decided to pick this pretty little face.- a new Gladioli. ( nanus nathalie ) that my young ones gave me the bulbs for back in June. It was the first flower out and I wanted to enjoy it at close range rather than drag it's head from he dirt when spoiled. J and V it was much prettier than the photo on the packet.
 Today the sun is back out but things are wet. The up side is all the newer plantings seem to still be in the ground and have been watered.Unfortunately all yesterday morning was taken up doing the banklink and GST returns for 2 months and other office work. ( just as well it rains sometimes ) It was cold too but not as bad as I think Nicky is getting down South! Did you have more snow? 
 Thank you to my bloggy friends who have left comments recently. I do love reading them. Thimbleanna - maybe you could set a rabbit trap or find someone with a gun, or cover your plants with netting - the rabbits shouldn't win!
 Molly I am sure everyone is busy - maybe I just report on different things than some others, because of where I live and the area of land around us and so many growing things.
 D and N if you are reading this, one of us will soon reply to your last email. We just don't know the answer to your question as yet. Apparently it is all "off" again - so no we won't be taking any trips it seems.
Leanne I keep a notebook similar to yours for grocery items. How far back do you make the comparisons? We have a place called Grandma's fridge which is similar to your store. That's another story cause this is a new fridge which stands where Grandma's Freezer used to be.


Jennifer said...

Ah, thank you! That's an interesting nut cracker. Your gladiolus is very pretty, too.

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, maybe I need one of those devices for our walnuts. We have a tree that has started dropping nuts (maybe it reached the right age or something?) and I have no idea how to get the nuts out of their armor.

As for the rabbits -- you made me laugh with your comment -- finding a gun is the easy part -- I just can't handle the thought of shooting Peter Rabbit LOL!

Nicky said...

What a clever machine, had no idea how it would be done....
Happy to say no snow here, it did get cold though, started the fire again for a couple of days! Sun is out again today, time to start tailing this afternoon.

Isabelle said...

I could never shoot anything either. Not that I know anyone with a gun.

I love the quilts in your exhibition.