Friday, October 18, 2013

Plants Are Battling Against the Wind.

 Plants are battling against the winds that seem to whip up every day this week. Working with the new growth on the kiwifruit is made harder as the wind whips the stem from my hand just as I am trying to so carefully pinch it's tip or thin it's flower buds.( a false move and it is destroyed ) It just makes it all take longer. Still other places in the country have had far worse winds and floods as well, so we know we got off lightly.
 Despite it all there are many bright spots around the garden as the Spring and early Summer flowers emerge. The roses are looking really pristine so far  - no bugs yet.
 The 1st Complicata rose flowers out.
 The bees are really enjoying Mutablis.

 A close up of the Blue flowering pea that has almost lost it's grip on the old trellis during the winds.
 A cheerful little pansy that deals with the wind better than with the rain.
 In the border where I have changed the edge I have thrown some packets of mixed seeds I was given and now have this little fragile flower that I don't recognise. Anyone know please?

 Here's the new edge I made - it has a few wobbles I will have to correct now R has sharpened my spade for me.
 Do you see where I have planted the light green and red lettuce seedlings? I have to find something for the gaps I have left. If I had put all lettuces that would be too many coming ready to eat all at once.I suppose if I can't think of anything else I could plant radish seed in the gap - I want something edible really.
 During the wind and rain this week we have been to the movies twice. ( that always happens; we book for a second one while we are in the city.Yes, 2 movies this year and both in one week! )
 Thoroughly enjoyed " Mr. Pip" and thought it true to the book.
 Quite enjoyed "Gravity" in 3D  but it  wasn't as wonderful as the reviews made out. The special effects were amazing but the story line a bit too impossible for me to embrace.( what a shame to think of George Clooney lost out there in space! ) Both worth seeing .

 I laid my flowers completed so far on the floor to select the green I wanted for number 5's stem and leaves.
 My plan was to use mainly blues, purples and greens with touches of pink and lemon. I want all the leaves to match their stems and will not be using every colour of the rainbow in them. I also wanted to use lots of my spotty fabrics and some stripes.
 I haven't really had much time to sew as we are really busy with the kiwifruit and the garden.

 Walnut tally shelled now 21.053 kgs.
 I will weigh the macadamias when we shell them too. Still picking them up.
 I have a sewing weekend coming up at Club both days, so will be working on some charity quilts.


brandy1 said...

I feel so sad when all the lovely flowers come out in bloom and the wretched spring gales come along and beat ---- out of them. However most of them seem to survive.We too have some lovely roses come into flower. I always like to pick a couple for my elderly Mum and give her them, first of the season bloom.Your flower applique blocks are looking wonderful.Have a nice week end Shirley

Cottage Tails said...

LOL I always look for your walnut count!
The wind can give the garden quite a beating. My roses are not out yet. Your applique flowers are very pretty.
Love Leanne

Jennifer said...

I love seeing pictures of your flowers! We're having a very windy spring here - the past few days have seen terrible bushfires, all fanned by the strong winds.

Isabelle said...

I love your flower patches. So pretty!

Thimbleanna said...

Your flower blocks are looking beautiful! I love the pretty, bright colors.

I wish I had you here to advise us on our walnuts. We have a small walnut tree that just started producing last year. So far, they go to the squirrels, 'cause we can't figure out an easy way to shell them!

Ali Honey said...

Thinbleanna just collect them; dry them in the sun or somewhere warm for up to a week then hit them with a hammer on a hard surface( metal wood or concrete. ) That's it.