Sunday, June 22, 2014

Finished and Given.

Yesterday I went to a baby shower for a very special Mum to be. ( we didn't have baby showers when I was expecting babies - did You? ) So now I can show you the completed little quilt and embroidered felt ball I made for my young friend.

 I printed the label using a new Brother ink jet printer and was pleased how well it did the job. I used "Premium" printable fabric sheets( ) which I bought locally. They are A4 size . (The  ones from USA  I have used in the past were smaller.)

 The only thing I don't like about the fabric sheets is how tough they are to hand sew through if folded over, so I machine stitched them to some of the backing fabric and hand sewed that on instead.
I printed out 4 labels while I was doing it so have some ready for the next quilts I complete.
 This is the felt embroidered ball I gave her. Each ball has 12 different coloured pentagons and therefore 12 little motifs.

 This was ball # 23 I have made. Ball # 24 for this young lady's sister as it happens, needs to be completed in 3 weeks time. It is well on the way. I will endeavour not to put any of the same motifs on it as I have on # 23.

 Although when I first started making theses balls I didn't take enough photos I am now taking a photo of each new motif I design. I have then all printed out in a clear file as a reference for myself, as well as keeping a notebook - I write down the entire details for each separate ball.
 Of course I have some motifs that always turn out well and are fun to do, but my challenge is to think up new appropriate ones to use. ( sometimes I get special requests like a  rugby ball on #23 and trout fishing for # 24.)


Isabelle said...

Those are lovely! I have just finished the main part of the top of a baby quilt - it took me months, on and off. I just have to attach the border and then quilt and bind it. More months, possibly... . I love your little quilt but it looks quite a fiddle.

Jennifer said...

Your balls are such fun......and that quilt is a great design!

notHamilton said...

Feeling very spoilt to get two handmade pieces from you Ali - the ball has so much detail and the quilt is a lovely rainbow of colours against the white.