Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Something Cheerful on a Stormy Day.

Wintersweet in my new Hogland Glass vase. 

 That was quite a storm NZ got in the last 36 hours. We were kept awake during the night with very strong gusting winds and heavy, heavy rain. We heard lots of arcing noises and sure enough we awoke to no power this morning.
 Fortunately for us we keep our woodburner going during the night so quickly had hot water for a drink. We also used the BBQ which sits in the car port under cover.
 Our power supply returned just on lunchtime.
 There was even a 2 hour fine spell after lunch so I got onto the cleaning up. Mowed up huge mounds of leaves and tree debris. We have only minor garden and the orchard  damage  - mainly a few avos on the ground.
 I am very grateful to have the power back on  - it reminds me how many things I do, work and play require it. ( Like machine sewing; cooking; computer; ironing; washing; seeing  - it's a very dull day.)

 Since I last blogged I have had a Birthday, and on the same day went to the 25th Anniversary Lunch of our Patchwork & Quilting group. Very pleasant occasion. I got some lovely cards and gifts and feel not one day older, let alone a year.

 I hope all my Kiwi  blogging friends are  safe and warm. 


Jennifer said...

Happy birthday wishes from me, Ali! Glad to hear you weren't badly damaged in the storm.

Diane-crewe said...

belated birthday wishes x it makes you realise how dependant we are on the power supply when it goes out x glad you are able to keep warm and have hot food xx hope you stay safe x

loulee said...

Belated happy birthday wishes.
Timaru got plenty of rain, but missed out on the force of the storm.

Cottage Tails said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad storm damage not too bad - sounded terrible on news. How one ever lives without power gasp