Monday, June 02, 2014

Top of the South ( Is. )

Nelson in the South Island of New Zealand was our first stop. Lots of lovely places to visit here. All side by side are the Suter Art Gallery, Queen's Gardens (park ), the Huangshi Chinese garden and the Suter Café.
 This is a shot through the moon-gate in the Chinese garden, which was opened in 2007.
 The paths are formed from pebbles lying on their sides.
 Weeds take advantage of the little gaps.
 The Autumn colours added a light touch.
 The Suter Café got my tick for the best place for coffee or lunch. Delicious food.
The places we enjoyed most for evening dining were The Harbour Lights Bistro and Fords. I had Blue cod at 2 different places and love it's delicate texture - not a fish we get here too often.

 Did I mention that I am being quite selective here?..... as I took 180 photos and wish to only share a few.

 In the Art Gallery one of my favourites was this portrait of Huria Matenga painted in 1909 by Gottfried Lindaur. I am now familiar with the story of her bravery and the lives she saved.
 We saw beautiful stained glass in the museum
 and in the Nelson Cathedral.

 including the Rose Window by Beverly Shore Bennett.
 We visited Hogland Glass factory and shop. Again beautiful coloured glass. A small blue ( useful ) glass vase travelled home with me.
R was suitably impressed when he saw the WOW - The World of Wearable Arts Collection. He only wanted to look at the Classic cars which are in the same building.( but changed his mind ) 
 No taking photos in the wearable arts section - they don't do it justice,but taking photos of the cars was okay. There were some wearable arts beside the cars anyway.
 All the garments on display were worn at the wearable arts show which started here in 1987. It is an amazing selection and it's so good that they have been kept and this amazing display (moving ) created. 
 More tomorrow.


Jennifer said...

Nelson is a great place.......we really enjoyed our visit there, although it was several years ago. I am quite envious, I would love to visit the WOW museum!

Suzy said...

Beautiful photographs! Thanks for sharing them.