Monday, August 04, 2014

Quilt Progress with a Touch of Spring.

  Our Spring / Winter weather has been mild and the Spring bulbs think it is time to bloom.
 I picked a wee sample to bring in for the coffee table.
 The Early Cheer are the ones with the heady perfume.

 I have been sewing flat out trying to finish the baby quilt I am making because the baby girl arrived  10  days early. So was born last week. It caught me on the hop but I am nearly there now.
 I used the camera to take photo of different layouts of the strips I had made and finally decided I liked this.
 Saturday I rushed things and had to unpick twice, so Sunday I took it at a more steady pace and it all went very well. This morning I am working on the quilting.
 I have the binding cut and a label ready so the end is in sight.

 The pruning gang  arrives today to prune  the females Kiwifruit vines, so we are hoping for fine weather for that. They cut out much of the old fruiting wood and lay in new canes for next season.
 I have been harvesting some veges too.


Jennifer said...

What a fun quilt, I'm sure its new little owner will love it! I'll have the cauliflower, you can keep the broccoli.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I love the quilt and the choice of colours. Well spring 'was' here! winter turned up again here today! :(