Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Is Spring Here?

Maybe it is Spring...we have sun this morning but it's very, very cold out still. We have had rain for some or all of the last 16 days. Windy too. We really need some warmth now - so do our kiwifruit vines.
The garden has been trashed day after day but still some things flower.
 These were all standing up but not any more - they still keep flowering.

 The New Zealand Rata is just out.

The purple sparaxis are looking good. The part of the lawn ( to the right )I resowed is still greener than the rest but it looks okay now.

 This is e first of my Hostas to pop up...better get some slug bait there.

 Spanish bluebells ( and mauve bells ) are opening daily and actually look brighter than they do here.

 My seedling wild flowers are surviving. I have recovered them.( I haven't needed to water them )

 This flower got finished during some of the rainy time. The next one is partly done...the end is not too far away now.

 Yesterday we went to the movies to see "The Lunchbox," which we enjoyed but I didn't like the uncertainness of the ending...it could have been one of several ways and I will never be quite sure. Worth seeing tho. It  starred  Nimrat Kaur ( Life of Pi  ) and the lovely Irrfan Khan.


Mary said...

I so hope the rains stop soon and you enjoy some dry and sunny weather for both you and your kiwifruits.

We have just welcomed the first day of autumn here - hoping for cooler, sunny days before winter sets in. What a topsy-turvy world, haha!

Lovely flowers!
Hugs - Mary

Jennifer said...

Love those garden pics......the freesias are so pretty! Your appliqué garden is going to be fantastic.

Bubble said...

Isn't mother nature awesome! Your preparing for summer and we are preparing for autumn. We haven't had rain for ages. Maybe I speak to soon!! Love to all! Xxx

Jenny said...

Your garden is looking so beautiful - we are a couple of weeks behind down here - cant wait for the bluebells to flower :) Loving your applique flowers - so pretty :)