Sunday, September 07, 2014

On the Bench.

Though not as perfumed as my white Burtoni  freesia these are lovely on my kitchen bench. They have spread everywhere around the garden and are all flowering en masse.The one that is a lighter shade ( in the vase ) must have crossed with the cream Burtoni ones I think. They certainly multiply.( I have a few mauve and cerise ones too. )

 This is the next completed flower ( stem yet to sew down ).
 I don't have a light box but the ranch slider works just as well, for tracing the patterns. I have this next flower cut out ready now.
 Yesterday afternoon I spent a couple of hours down the track here.
 ( the patch of soil  just visible in the mid right )( neatly pruned kiwifruit vines in block 2b in the background. )
 See the freshly worked soil .... This photo from the opposite direction )
 This little patch has been used as my extra vege patch for the last 4 years but it is too far from the house and the rabbits and pukeho eat too much from it......SO this year it is going to be a wild flower patch ( I hope. ) Since R set up his walled vege garden we don't really need the space either.
 Here the soil is weeded and worked over ready for seed scattering.( it looks like I missed some weeds but they are self sown pansies so I left them )  Notice also in this photo how covered in blue flowers the rosemary plants are. The bees love them.

 Here it is blood and bone spread ,seeds sown and bird netting over most of it, held down by big stones. I didn't seem  to have enough seed so will buy more and scatter over the top. If I have any success I will post some photos in the coming months.
 It's a lovely sunny Spring day here in BOP.

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Jennifer said...

Gorgeous freesias - I love yellow flowers! Our rosemary bush has very pale blue flowers, but I have been thinking of getting a deep blue one.