Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Well Done.

last December I mentioned in a post how disappointed I was when a new dahlia I had planted turned out to be a totally different one and not what the picture on the packet showed. I followed it up and complained to Fiesta bulbs ( have a look at their website ) where it originally came from.
 Fiesta Bulbs came good.....look what arrived by courier for me yesterday. Not one replacement BUT 4 !  Thank you very ,very much Fiesta Bulbs . I will continue to buy your bulbs.
 As soon as the rain stops I will go and plant them.


Jennifer said...

That's good service!

Molly Bon said...

No surprise that companies like that, who make customer service their top priority, are usually successful! I tried a dahlia this year but think it must have rotted in the pot as I never saw so much as a leaf!

TG's resting place said...

Sounds like it pays to complain when service isn't up to scratch. Nicely of course. Nice surprise.