Monday, October 06, 2014

The Weather was Appalling.

We got through our celebration of R's 70th no thanks to the weather. It really spoilt any outdoor activities. ( I was really hoping all the kids could play Kubb on the front lawn ) Before 11 am we thought we were getting away with just wind, but no, rain followed, on and off all day.We had small showers of  hail 3 times along with the high winds and generally very chilly. Interspersed with patches of sun just to trick us.

 Here R is helping the BBQ man by backing his machine onto the cobble stones with our tractor.
 People were very understanding about the weather knowing it was beyond our control. 

A friend had set up his big gazebo around the front deck but the high winds made rain beat in the sides . 2 tables were set up there and some brave souls ate their meal there.

 This is how it looked the day we put it up.
 The garden had been looking quite bright and tidy but got a bit trashed.
 R wasn't fussed about having a Birthday cake so I made lots of bliss balls and son arranged  them  and some marshmallows around the candles. R  had a good time with all his friends and family around. I think the final tally was 46.( all managed to fit inside the house! )

 Something I have learnt. There is no such thing as enough savoury eggs when you have lots of guests!
 If there had been double this number they would have disappeared.
 The young ones were a great help with the preparations and we just improvised as problems arose with mats by doors so folk wouldn't slip. I had never had hail bouncing in onto the lounge carpet before!
 Today's weather is even worse .The wind is gale force. But we are lucky we have power. Lots of homes up in Auckland have been without power for 2 days.
 As soon as it is fine again we will go back to work, as  we have done all the tidying up except I have washing outstanding but that will keep.
 Thank you to the bloggy friends who sent R birthday greetings.


Jennifer said...

Birthday wishes from me to Mr R too - when friends and family get together the weather takes a back seat, in most cases! Good to know it didn't stop everyone enjoying the day.

Pip said...

the "not a birthday cake" looks pretty good to me, it seems as if savoury eggs never go out of fashion, they were on the menu at a recent event I went to and they were the first things to be grabbed by all and sundry.

loulee said...

Happy Birthday to R.
That's a BBQ?
There has been some pretty impressive storms rolling around.

Bubble said...

Wow I can't believe R is 70! Happy Birthday and lots of love from the Wolfy's xxxx

Isabelle said...

Oh well, happy birthday R, anyway.

Mary said...

Sorry the weather didn't cooperate. Looks like the crowd made the most of a bad day though. Know R must have been quite overcome with so many people celebrating him! Love the 'cake'.

Hope it's drying up by now.
Hugs Mary

Molly Bon said...

Sorry to hear you had such inclement weather for such an important occasion, but it seems like everyone had a good time anyway!
That psa sounds like a problem I wouldn't like having to deal with but I could deal very easily with that beautiful viburnam!