Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Flower Blocks.

I am currently working on the final block  for this top.
 I laid them on the floor yet again to decide on the colours for the last flower. I have the option of moving some blocks but only with ones of the same size. I am shifting the bottom left to the bottom 3rd to left, as 2 flowers beside each other had the same fabric in them.
 The 2 latest blocks are these below with  rather different colours. ( instead of more blue.)
 This one still needs it's stem hand appliquéd-it's just pinned here.
 One other pink flowered block needs the same ( that's why some appear slightly puckered in the photo.) They all need a trim and a final press too.

 Then I need to decide if I am making the sashing strips from one fabric or of joined 1" squares ( The  lot more work option ).
 I will audition both to see what I like best.
 Lots of salads on the menu. Some silverbeet is going to seed and I have just picked yet another handful of side shoots off the broccoli.......they just keep on and on. My celery isn't as robust as bought bunches but is doing surprisingly well and has never seen a spray of anything!
Today is not the norm around here. We were up very early to ensure R was at his hospital appointment on time. One never knows with the rush hour traffic how long it will take. But we arrived with 15 minutes to spare. I also have to go to the dentist this afternoon ( broken tooth ) I had an appointment next week so when they rang and said they had a cancellation I had to take it.( my least favourite place on earth to go, so I  am trying to keep calm.)
 From there I will go back to see how R is getting on - he should be awake by then. If all goes according to plan he will be allowed home tomorrow.
 It is raining here now so I might even get to sew that last block later.
* Leanne bumble bees will work when honey bees stay inside their hive on dull days. They are stronger flyers in the wind and can be seen working early and late. It increases our odds of getting good pollination.( it may be the way in the future )
 * Isabelle  I found the book you are reading and got it and 2 others on my list.( one will be a gift for my sister.)


Deb said...

Ali, those salads look yummy. Cant get any fresher.
I love your quilt top. You have put so much work into it.

Thimbleanna said...

Your flower blocks are looking beautiful!