Thursday, April 23, 2015

ANZAC poppies, biscuits and clean fruit.

 This is the handmade Flanders ( ANZAC ) poppy I made.  Last time at P and Q,  M showed us how. I was doing something else that day and made mine later.
 It has 4 layers of different man made fabrics that get their edges curled when it is held near a candle.The leaf is green felt and the centre a button.
 This Friday  24th we have a an Anzac biscuit making contest at P and Q. ( not a sewing activity really ) Anzac is the following day 25th April and marks 100 years. I made a trial batch and they all got eaten so I repeated the same recipe yesterday ready for Friday. The latest news about ANZAC biscuits is they were probably not the rolled oats type biscuits but rather a plain ginger nut.  Mine has rolled oats.
I said I would show how I was managing to clean some of the biggest Kiwifruit that had slight sooty mould marks on them. They have to be held very gently so they don't come off in ones hand ( picking )  and are sprayed with a food grade CP clean liquid ( designed as a clean up spray just before picking time ) and brushed with a tooth brush or rubbed with a wet cloth glove.
 The slight black mark before.
 and after.
 It is important to look right around the fruit. It's no use cleaning one side if there is still a mark somewhere else on it, that would reject it.
Another example.
 There are still 100s of fruit needing this treatment but it takes time so I will just do the biggest and as many as I can between now and picking time which is probably only a couple of weeks away.
 Thank you all very much for your useful comments. Raewyn and Linda  linked me to several useful NZ wool supply sites. It was much appreciated.


Jennifer said...

Our Anzac biscuit recipes use rolled oats too.......haven't made any for ages! Your poppy is nicer than the crocheted one I bought for a performance tomorrow night, the mixed choirs are dressed all in black, no flashy jewellry, but we are allowed to wear a poppy. all the black marks off those fruit must take quite a lot of time!

Chookyblue...... said...

goodluck with those kiwi fruit.........sounds fiddly but someone has to do it........

Nancy J said...

Beautiful hand made poppy, and to think there were not enough other ones made here in NZ. Toothbrush drill, what a time consuming task!! Have a great weekend up north, we have had 5C, early at 5.30 a.m. and now lovely sunshine, clear blue skies, and I am going to watch Gallipoli live this afternoon.