Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Bonfire,Quilts and Knitting.

This last week has been the right time to light the bonfire of big old tree stumps and branches that were no good for firewood.( We are trying to clear this area so it can be sown in grass and kept mown in the future )( The photos are all a bit smoky. )
 R used the tractor to push it together as it burnt. I poked dry sticks in as extra fuel. 
 R , laid a hose from the house down the bank and wet down surrounding dry growth as a precaution. We had  sacks in the nearby creek wetting ready and a bucket, but none were needed.
 The rain has now put it out. It did not all burn as some old stumps had dirt attached. It will dry for a while and be moved by the tractor and relit in the future.


 I completed this little quilt top in Jacob's Ladder design.( 34" x 34 " ) It is quite tiny. I used all the small squares I had cut but may decide to enlarge it in the future.
 I finished this wee mauve jersey. It just needs 2 buttons sewn on the shoulder opening. I liked the pattern and the different ribbing design. The wee grey beanie has a picot edging.
 I have now started a little sleeveless wrap in blue. The merino wool felt really soft in the ball but not so soft once it is knitted.So far it is going okay but is a pattern new to me.

We are managing to take a few days holiday. We are heading South, by car this time. We will pack lots of warm things . We are getting quite a variety of temperatures here and know it will be colder down there.
 Thanks for your concern about my eye. It has been totally fine . We went for our 2 year eye checks last week and my sight has not deteriorated so that is a saving and also reassuring. I can keep wearing my same glasses.


Jennifer said...

Sounds like good weather for a bonfire! I hope it's not too cool 'down south', wherever you are going. Love your little quilt, I know that variation as "Jewel Box", and your knitting is sweet, the little jumper is very cute.

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

ahhh a good old burn up - can't beat em. Enjoy your trip South - and yes is is a tad chilly down here

loulee said...

FiL didn't dare to light his rubbish pile yet. It's still pretty dry here in Timaru. I love the smell of a garden fire, there is something very comforting about all the aromas of the different woods burning together.
What a pretty quilt top.

The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

You have been busy, love the colour combinations in the quilt. Nothing like a good bonfire eh! Joe's a bit of a pyromaniac on the quiet :D