Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Another Part Added.

 When it rained  I got a whole afternoon sewing in. All my sewing gear and machine had been having a holiday in the cupboard . Luckily I had thought to write myself a few notes before I packed it all away some weeks ago. At the top of the photo is the latest section  I made and now have pinned in place ready to sew on. ( the width of 4 rows of the small squares ) In front on the table is a small pile of still usable parts for maybe one more section. I am having quite a hunt to find suitable lights for the half square triangles. They are quite essential to make the design stand out.

 The rain we have been having ( thank you ) is boosting the size of the pickings I am getting from my strawberry  and blueberry patch . It is also increasing the number of rots in the strawbs.

 Having recently got a new blender we have been having some interesting smoothies. These blueberries ended up in one last night along with other fruit and some pourable yoghurt and almond milk. and  ground LSA. No 2 ever turn out exactly the same.
 This is an earlier version using yellow fruits ( gold kiwis ,frozen pineapple some orange  almond milk and a spoon of R's marmalade ) ( Coconut milk is also good in them ) 
 Every 2nd  or 3rd day I have to do a lot of bending to pick these dwarf beans called Tendergreen. ( Watkins seeds ) . I don't care for frozen beans much so have been giving some away. 

 The courgettes are being quite generous now ( you know  how closely they need watching unless you desire marrows )  and I have been making various recipes. This one was in the NZ Listener 1 week ago. It turned out nicely but is really just a frittatta.
 The main ingredients were new potatoes and courgettes ( which we have  ) eggs some cream seasoning and cheese. Kumara would work just as well I think.

 I also made a Donna Hay recipe called  Raw Peppermint Slice. It is from her magazine called Donna Hay - Fresh & Light Power Foods. It cost  NZ $ 9.99  and has more yummy recipes in it than any other book or mag I have seen lately.
 Today we have a gang of 26 workers in to get us up to speed with our kiwifruit thinning. ( That means in one day they can do what would have taken me 26 days to get done. ) It needs to be done now so the fruit that remains can gain maximum size. The rain will help.
 We had fertilizer spread last Friday so that got gently washed in.( twice ) 
 It was a side dressing of 2 ferts and took this driver on his quad bike pulling a little spreader about 15 minutes to do all the kiwifruit blocks.


Deb said...

So pleased you managed to find time for a bit of quilting Ali. You are so busy with your crops and gardens.

Jennifer said...

I love your quilt! Interesting smoothies......have you tried peaches?