Monday, January 11, 2016

Time in the Garden.

We have been blessed with lots of rain so far in January. The birdbath tells the story.
 I spent the entire afternoon yesterday weeding my long border and around this tomato soup echinacea.
 I got such a lot done but realise all that rain will make the remaining weeds I didn't get to yet , double in size very quickly.Still it was just what the garden and our fruit crops needed so all good really.
 I have gift lilies in a vase inside and lilies in the garden.( a storm is coming so they may get trashed ) The yellow one is Lilium oriental belladonna lemon and the other in front is Gluhwein .
 The blue hydrangeas love the extra water.
 This Pink  Delight Vireya rhododendron is a cutting grown one in a big blue pot outside  the dining room door
 R spent some time weeding one vege patch  yesterday so the courgettes don't get smothered - they need picking daily.

 Beans just ready now too.
 My successions of plantings of Tom Thumb lettuce  are just enough for constant salads. They are crisp, with a little heart - that's how I like lettuce.
 The threatening rain still hasn't arrived  ( and it's 11 am ) so we may work in the vines this afternoon after all.


Pip said...

Your garden is looking great, I love the colour on the echinacea. I love it when it rains but can never believe how many weeds pop up a week or so later, most frustrating because it means that the weeding must start again while the soil is soft.

Mary said...

Ali everything looks so delicious to eat - I have to have fresh veggies as much as possible, and love beans and courgettes (which they call zucchini here in the US). Your flowers are so beautiful - gorgeous deep blue hydrangeas, my favorites - hopefully my dead sticks will produce again come spring/summer, they look pathetic right now.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. May this year bring good things to us all.
Hugs - Mary

Deb said...

Finally I have managed to leave a comment. I keep trying to leave one via Bloglovin and it won't do it so hello do one from my bloglist like I should--bit slow at times.
I adore your echinacea flower, such a gorgeous colour. Your garden is so beautiful and tidy and all of your vegies, yum. You can't beat having your own home grown veg.