Thursday, January 07, 2016

Nice Day For a Wedding.

We were fortunate to be guests at a wedding this week. I first met the bride when she was 4, so am very pleased she has found the right person to spend the rest of her life with.
 You know I don't put photos of people on here without their permission so I took some shots especially with the blog in mind. 
 There was a Champagne Fountain and this amazing croquembouche that the groom's Mother made. It  ( they - the cream puffs, held together with spun toffee  ) was delicious .
 The tables all had names of different fishing flies as the groom ( and more recently the bride ) are keen trout fishers.
 Our table was the Scotch Poacher, a fly used in the evening or low light.The  beeswax candles  were made by the groom from his own 3 beehives.

 There were lots of flowers as the bride, who is a lawyer  has also  been a florist, so even on the cake.
 The bride's Mother made a large heart wreath with fresh red roses  that was hanging in the garden to stand behind for photos.

 The show stealing moment was at the ceremony where the ring bearer just 16 months old toddled up the grass slope, fell, grinned, got up again and kept going to make his delivery amid great applause from everyone. So, so cute .
 We had a lovely evening out with much talk and laughter with old friends and young ones alike.
 I hope the newly married couple have a long and happy life together.


Pam said...

Lovely, Ali! And your grandson is beautiful!

Pam said...

PS You might like to visit my blog to see your feather mug coasters in use!

Gillie said...

What a lovely wedding! My mum made a croquembouche (much smaller) for my 21st party!