Tuesday, July 19, 2016

3 Good Things.

 There is not that much in the garden to pick at the moment - ( Winter ) ,
 But I manged to find some sweet smelling flowers for smaller vases.
 This is Daphne Perfume Princess ( Daphne odora  x bholua variety ). This one flowers early and  has a progression of big sweetly perfumed flowers. I know it is best not to pick too much when the bush is young so just a sprig here and there.
 For another small vase there were enough early Jonquils with a heady smell.

 A perfect  large Kiwifruit specimen. 

 Last week when I was checking through the bins of fruit that I had gone around the orchard and found, ( the ones the pickers missed ),  so I could take some bins full up to Auckland to the young ones and their friends, I found this one.  Not a blemish and big . That fruit must have wondered why it missed it's overseas trip ( export ). Just as well they don't think. I decided we would do the Japanese idea and "display," the kiwifruit till it was ripe and eat it ourselves. ( by way of quality assessment ).


 We have been  up to the bigger smoke to visit Son and D-I-L and Grandson.
 He is mostly a very happy little chap. I love playing simple games with him. Look closely at the top photo for the protruding toe.

 Nanny says, " I wonder where Lane is ?"

 5 seconds later he appears .
 We have some great laughs together and some very special moments.

 The pile of hand sewn hexagons has grown to 75.

 We have a big sewing weekend coming up at P and  Q this coming weekend when I hope to work on my ( machine pieced )  charity quilt with some friends . If we all help we may get a single bed size quilt completed. You'll hear more about that when it's happened.

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Barb said...

Three very good things - perhaps I'd put Lane at the very top! I like your sweet bouquet.