Friday, July 29, 2016

Dark and Light Creates the Pattern.

Today I am quilting the charity quilt a group of us made last weekend. It all started because I had some left over half square triangles from another project.
 How long should we string these strips together.
 M who is reasonably tall volunteered to become the human tape measure .
 OK... thanks...... That long.

 2 of us sewed, others cut out, measured  and marked,neatened and pinned.
 By the end of the weekend we had 24 rows in 2 halves. Dee took one half home I took the other. We made a few adjustments.( There is quite a lot of seam matching required as these are tiny blocks. )They are very simply made by pinning together a light 3" square with a darker 3" square, marking the diagonal then sewing a quarter inch either side, then cutting along the diagonal mark. I made a further row of triangles and added those.
 On Wednesday Dee came to my house and we joined the middle, selected a backing, cut the batting and laid it out on my big bench.
 We pin basted it ready for quilting.
 Here it is on the lounge floor. it is a generous single bed size.
 Weather wise it is another appalling day; windy and  raining, so a good sewing day.
Our P and Q group is trying to build up a ready supply of Charity quilts to keep in our cupboard ready to give out at a moment notice, so I don't know yet who will receive this quilt.
 Right back to the quilting task.


Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful quilt.

loulee said...

What a lovely colourful quilt.
Weather wise, it's beautiful here in Timaru.
I'm sat in the sun watching a bumblebee!

Raewyn said...

Lovely quilt and a great idea for you all to get together to make it. Happy quilting :-)

molly said...

From little pieces such beauty. Well done!

Pam said...

That's lovely! I'm encouraged to hear that you needed to do some adjusting...