Sunday, July 03, 2016

A True Story.

 Yesterday I had the luxury of reading uninterrupted for an hour or more. That enabled me to finish reading this amazing story.
 The "living in fear and thought control aspect,"  make North Korea a very frightening place.
 I knew it wouldn't be a pleasant read but as a true story it does have a warm side where family love and loyalty hold strong. Was it an education reading this?     
Yes it was.    I would recommend it to you if you get the chance to read it.
 I didn't know where many of the places mentioned were but there are 2 maps. Pronunciation of some of the names was tricky but I wasn't reading out loud so it didn't matter and there is a good index at the end. The whole time knowing she eventually got out alive made the read a little easier to tackle.

 I will now read something a little lighter.

 These rose hexagons please me. ( that's all there is of the beautiful fabric unfortunately ) When I spread all the finished ones on the floor it does not yet achieve the effect I was hoping for. Production still continues though even if the end result might change.
 During the week we got a long hand written letter from a friend ( distant relation ) who does not use modern technology. It was interesting to imagine how long it took her to write. The handwriting was not always totally legible - that's something to bear in mind if writing letters the old way. It was a thrill to get such mail....there is less and less in the rural mailbox we want to see there days.
 I am thinking about my reply.


Julie said...

I love getting proper mail, and will often send handwritten letters in pretty cards (that way they aren't too long) with recipes to friends overseas. So much nicer than scanning and attaching to an email.

molly said...

It is indeed a rare treat to get a hand written letter in the mail in this age of e-mails. When I get such a treasure I take my time, make a cup of tea, get comfortable and only then open it up for a luxurious read! I'm willing to struggle with deciphering handwriting! Love your rose hexagons! I recently made teeny tiny ones. Next ones I make will be bigger --- or NOT made!