Thursday, October 11, 2007

All My Quilted Hexagon Projects.

This evening I have been getting together all my Quilt as you go Hexagon projects, as tomorrow at my P and G group I am doing a hands on demonstration along with Anna the lady who showed me the technique in the first place. She is bringing the things she has made and we have some started kits put together for those who would like them and 3 handouts with things to make and how. ( a bag and hexagons with pieced feature fabric ) ( and how to draw a hexagon using a compass )We will demonstrate and then help those who are interested.

In the photo you can see my 2 quilts folded up; the table mat sets; the decoration which now has a wee bell on the bottom; the needle case and right at the front 2 sets of the 3 components cut out ready - the parts of the needlecase that I will use to demonstrate the placing, pinning, folding and sewing steps.
My Spanish bluebells (and mauvebells ) are all flowering. I have many clumps around the garden.
Thank you all for your support of my rave about lack of women's programmes on TV. We have to make a fuss if it is to change. You were right Anne B I am now going to cheer for Argentina in the Rugby as they are the underdogs. If I watch the next matches at least I won't get het up about who wins so can calmly watch .lol. I was talking to my younger son in London this morning and he had bought tickets for ALL the games ( he a sports nut ). He sold the semi final ones to some English fans for double what he paid as they are now all made keen to see their side play.

Yesterday morning I had another session at the Dentists - the 3rd in the root canal saga -( one big one still to go in a months time ) No rash this time as he didn't wear latex gloves! ( so that's a break through - what a relief to know what was causing the rash)
It cost NZ$605 this time. OMG!


Suzi-k said...

oooh poor thing, root canals are NOT NICE!!! What is going on in blogland, you are the third person I have visited today who is at the dentist? And Cursty is going today too, also for major work.... is that the jangle of dentist cash registers i hear clanging around the world??? brrrrrrrr scary!

Joyce said...

I hope your root canal saga ends happily. Dentists must be rich. Lol. Your class sounds very interesting.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Apparently TV programmers think we ALL want to watch rugby, motor racing, fishing......

meggie said...

Wish I could be at your class!
Root canal work is very wearing on the nerves! LOL.
I enjoyed your post, & love those bluebells too.

LuĂ­sa Silva said...

I love the tiny hexagons. Are they a christmas wall hanging? Best wishes for your treatment.

Ali Honey said...

Hi Meggie, loved your pun/joke....very wearing on the nerves!

Yes Belem, they are sewn to a piece of ribbon, but could have been sewn just to each other. I also saw one in a magazine where the little hex were pegged to a tiny wooden Christmas tree.

Shirley I bet all those programmers are blokes too.

Unknown said...

Why is it that we are all afraid of dentists? I would never want to be one LOL