Sunday, October 14, 2007

Classes and Demos.

Friday's Hexagon Day went well, though not as we expected. We set all the quilts ( 4 ) and other items out ready on 2 long tables and were waiting for our time in the programme( after the business part of the meeting ); but as ladies arrived they were straight into looking at everything and taking the samples and wanting to get going so it was a bit disorganised. It didn't matter; and when we started our part we were surprised at how many wanted to make a sample. So we divided into 2 groups which worked well as otherwise we were contradicting each other. Anna did some of the steps differently from me ( both valid) and we didn't want to confuse. At 2.45 pm some ladies were still sewing so that was certainly a measure of how they were enjoying it.
In the photo ( got so busy I forgot to take any more ) you can see Val tracing hexagons to use as a pattern for future projects ( you will recognise her Kirsty) and Anna helping someone at the other end. I am now finishing ( while watching TV ) my demonstration hexagons, into another needle case; this one with a pocket( by using a folded hex extra before the backing is sewn down ). Scissors or cotton could be stored in the pocket.( I'll photograph it when finished to show you )
The other photo I took of all the components for another bucket bag. I have been asked to teach that next month and want to make up my own notes to hand out. That photo is to go with the requirements list. Joyce or Welsh Quilter I can give you both credit for the pattern and inspiration, but do either of you know where the pattern originated?
I think I will make this bag up part way to use as a sample. Finish one handle, but keep the other open so they can see where to put the pull through cord. ( so I can demonstrate ) I think I will make the bag body up to the stage just prior to sewing the side seams and the same with the lining. I can also use my finished red one as the completed project. When sewing the side seams did you 2 just angle off the end ? I started sewing at the top of the bag....did you? 2 ways to do this I guess.
Plenty to keep me busy anyway.
We have been making some big decisions around here, with regards to our future; which is both exciting and very unsettling. I will keep you posted as we go along. So some nights I am not sleeping well at brain stays too active! To give you a clue; running a property like ours is a lot of work for not always great return, so changes need to be made. (having birthdays as we all do seems to have something to do with it too......I refuse to say getting old....ooops I just did ! )


Anonymous said...

Big decisions, hey, Ali? Sounds serious. I'm sure you will choose wisely. Even if change is afoot, new adventures can be very exciting (just ask that Val -she knows all about those!)

Anne Wigfull said...

Recently I found instructions and diagrams I had written for the bucket bag you mention in an old (15yrs) notebook. It was written hurridly in pencil and I can't read the accreditation, so I can't say where it came from, but I suspect it was in a magazine or borrowed book. I have the impression there was a similar construction method in a book by Rose Verney, but that could be entirely wrong.

Ali Honey said...

Thanks Anne, Did you ever make that bag then?

Suzi-k said...

well, whatever you decide, i hope it works out great for you. It can be daunting making big changes, but it is also exciting and exhilarating....enjoy the process as well as the result!

meggie said...

Sounds very busy for you. Possibly a good thing you have the quilting lessons to keep your mind busy & off stresses in other directions.
I would love to come to one of your classes. Pity I am too far away!