Friday, May 16, 2008

The 30th Fabric.

First, some answers to questions in the comments.
Gudrun, the masks are to keep the wearer from inhaling the whiskers and any dust off the fruit. It can be quite annoying to some folk and causes runny eyes etc. JUMBO refers to the size ( as in Jumbo the elephant ). Those particular trays had our very biggest fruit in them and we will get paid on the size. Those Jumbo trays have 22 pieces of fruit in them. ( that's all that will fit ) There are also sizes 25, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39 and 42 . ( there used to be 46 as well but now that's considered too small. ) The fruit in each size is decided by it's weight. A middle sized fruit is 100 grams. The Jumbo ones are heavier than 150 grams.
Loulee, sorry if I led you astray.There have been no buyers even looking lately so I don't think we are moving any time soon. We are quite comfortable with having to stay for now.( after 30 years what's a little longer? )
Kirsty you are sure right about the moving rollers. Years ago I did a stint on the grading table and found that when I closed my eyes at night I felt almost motion sick and couldn't get the rollers to stop moving!
This morning I jumped at the opportunity to accompany DH on an excursion - he had to go up the road towards Katikati to get something in the truck. I asked if he would be prepared to go a little further as I wanted to make a quick trip into Katipatch which is on the corner of State highway 2 and Wharawhara Road. He agreed. You see I needed 1 final fabric to make up my 15 purples . I had some others I felt weren't quite right. I took my colour chart I had made with the fabrics I have cut so far to match against. I decided on the very bright and quite dark purple Moda marble fabric. I got a metre in case I want some for borders. I love going there even for quick visit like today. Cindy and Carol ( in the photo ) are so pleasant. It has to be my 2nd equal favourite patchwork and quilting shop. ( about 20 minutes from where I live )
It was a beautiful clear day so we drove up to the top of Wharawhara Road where the views of rural BOP ( just east of Katikati ) were stunning. here , looking across to Mt. Maunganui over green orchard and farmland.
Inky is progressing well. I saw him jump up to drink out of the birdbath - so he can still jump at least 3 feet and balance well. Birds' washing water is far tastier than his drinking bowl!


Andrea said...

Glad you got your last fabric. Are you ready to go sew now ? lol. Fascinating stuff about the kiwis. They are my sons favourite fruit - I must show him your posts.

Guðrún said...

Thanks for the answers. We never get those Jumbo kiwis here. Your country is really beautiful it is so much fun to have the chance to learn about all those strange things so far away from me.

Deb H said...

You're right we do live at two different ends of the Earth, & 2 different extremes, but it's fun to share & see the differences, as well as the things that are alike.

For instence, I made a purse from that same purple fabric just a couple of months ago!

ForestJane said...

Glad Inky is doing better. :)

And thanks for the extended kiwi packing lesson - it makes me want to go out and buy some now!

meggie said...

Very interesting about the grading etc. I had wondered about the hairs too.
Lovely colours for your quilt. Lovely pics of a bright Bay day.

Isabelle said...

How interesting - all that kiwi fruit lore.

Yes, by the way, my boy brought me back a lovely bit of NZ glass - a sort of blue sea anenome.

Molly said...

Can't wait for progress reports on the new quilt! Your colours look very nice together.........