Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Picking Preparations.

Although we have had far TOO MUCH RAIN in the last few days and weeks, the sun is shining today( and we hope things will dry out ). We have been told by our packhouse / coolstore they want us to have our Kiwifruit crop picked today and tomorrow.( starting this afternoon. )( the rules are don't pick wet fruit! ) Ideally it would not be picked so soon after rain as it may not keep as well, but some orchards have to carry on and pick cause ships are waiting at the wharf to sail with fruit. ( time is money for them )The other problem is tractors may get stuck and the ground will get very muddy. So very rapid preparations are happening here. Vehicles and equipment are being delivered ( we are not allowed to use our own - stupid rule ) 4 tractors to pull the 4 bintrailers (that each carry 3 picking bins ); a forklift for loading and unloading, documentation ( bin cards )for the fruit bins that will arrive by the truck load soon.The photos are of the unloading on the gravel area where all the empty and later full bins are assembled to be loaded on to trucks to go to and be graded and packed at the packhouse.( more on this subject as it happens; tomorrow perhaps )
Of course everything happens at once.Inky the 12 year old, little black cat ( our only pet )disappeared. I found him in the garden after he was missing 24 hours unable to walk, with an injured left back leg. ( of course it was the weekend ) Yesterday morning we took him to his vet and he is still there.( very skinny and frightened.) He has been given antibiotics and painkillers - the vet can't be sure what's wrong with the leg ( he had an ECG and X- ray.) The vet found Inky has a dikky heart so was not prepared to give him an anesthetic in case it killed him. Anyway cause we are now so busy and the Vet wants to observe Inky ( Incubus ) he is staying in hospital till we ring on Thursday. ( Yikes - how much will this account be??? ) I just hate animals being unwell and have vowed no more in the future; I find it too traumatic.
At the moment here it is HURRY UP AND WAIT! (I think I'll go and look at and stroke some nice fabric! ) I am trying to take Isabelle's advice and think of 3 nice things happening today.


Tracey Petersen said...

Sorry about your cat.

The fruit looks beautiful - ready to eat!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! Look at those kiwis -- that's amazing! So sorry about your kitty -- hope he's better soon!

meggie said...

Hope Inky is ok.
I was amazed at how many packing places I saw when travelling about. Would you believe I never had one Kiwifruit to eat?
A cousin gave us some Feijoas too, & I never even had one of those. They dont seem to have them over here.

Andrea said...

Fond miaows to Inky from my 3. Hope he's better soon. Always happens just at the wrong time - not that there would be a right time but you know what I mean xx

Molly said...

Poor Inky! I hope he gets better without too much trauma to your wallet! Sounds like quite an operation getting the fruit picked, packed and shipped.... Good luck

Guðrún said...

The kiwi looks delicious. I hope your cat is getting better.