Saturday, May 10, 2008

Inky Recovering.

I never thought I'd be posting in detail about the CAT! The 3 photos show him sitting proudly on the fence, spread out on the hearth mat in front of the fire and in the same repose but in his present condition with the blue plastered leg. He is very much recovered and leading his carers a merry dance. His history -12 years ago during a rain storm a tiny frightened little kitty, not old enough to have been weaned arrived in our carport and hid under the car mewing. His mother was a skinny wild cat who had been shot 2 weeks previously in the Avocado block.( we didn't know she had kittens ). It is a long way to the house and he may have crossed a creek in flood or more likely come the long way round across the bridge and up the hill. Either way it was a miracle he got to the house.( He must have been eating fallen avocados to survive.) Of course this big softy won him over with food and he stayed on to be our pet .They say cats have 9 lives; Inky is probably up to 7 or 8. At heart he is still a wild little guy who doesn't like other folk coming to his house especially men with loud voices. He thinks I'm his Mum - that's how he got his name Incubus ( it means a black devil who lies on top of women ( and worse )) and that is what he liked to do as a baby; snuggle right up under my chin looking for a feed I suspect. He only goes to the vet if very sick cause he hates the car. He has partial sight in one eye after a small stick got lodged in it and went around the eye ball. That was removed nearly a week later when we realised what was wrong. The vet took out a broken front tooth on that ocassion in case it was giving him pain. ( now his tongue hangs out ) He recently had the cutty grass up his nose trauma and now this.
He loves being outdoors and often follows us down the orchard and climbs the vines and pounces on us. He has been known to catch rabbits mice, rats and birds.( we discourage the birds!) Even with his diminished sight he can still catch things. We have seen him leap onto the back of a pheasant and ride till he feel off. Percy Peacock backs away. He doesn't generally fight with other cats but has a huge territory of his own which he will defend. There is nothing quite as awakening as a cat fight in the night!
On arrival home from the Vets this time he has his leg firmly plastered which he is not to get wet or dirty. Keep him inside! Oh boy. He is now trying to escape at every opportunity ( or open door or window ) so against the Vet's instructions I am wrapping a plastic bag around the leg with rubber bands and letting him have walks outside. This morning he went further than I like and I found him down inspecting the closest Kiwifruit block ( cause we sneakily picked the fruit while he was in hospital ) That tired him out and he is back asleep by the fire now.We had to set up a kitty litter tray for him which is ghastly for an outside boy but he caught on to using really fast. Of course DH thought it was funny me down by the tray showing him the example of how to scratch a hole! He has to be given anti inflammatories and anti- biotics daily which is working out okay and he has to see the Vet again next Tuesday. In the photo you can see the patches that were shaved for his Xray and ECG.( so he really looks the part )He is back to eating cat food including avocado with his breakfast( his baby food ) but for a few days he only wanted his Mother's dinner ( be it chicken pork toast crackers , whatever I was having )I think the words spoilt, indulged, pampered fit the situation quite well. It reminds me of having a 2 year child! Or maybe it it the equivalent of a Rest Home for cats. Again Thank you to all of you and your cats for the good wishes for his recovery. He can now put the leg to the ground and has no hesitation jumping - But for $400 I would hope for a miraculous improvement. The vet still wasn't certain what caused the swelling - there is a bone chip that he thought might be old - it may be torn tendon - obviously the meds are working anyway.
Finally I must mention his love of water which is strange for a cat. He will drink from the birdbath, climb up and inspect the handbasin and running tap, play in the creek and is fascinated by the garden hose.
A BIG MEOW to you all from Inky.


meggie said...

Thankyou for telling us Inky's tale. Very interesting. He certainly knew where to go, didn't he? He seems to have led a pretty charmed life with your tender care.

Guðrún said...

I am glad that he is getting better.

julieQ said...

Poor buddy. He has indeed used up many of his lives, it sounds like! Has a great nurse, though...:)

Molly said...

Inky sounds like quite a character! Also like he's on borrowed time. Did you ever think you'd end up as a cat maid?!

Sonnja said...

Also I am glad that he is getting better!
Kind regards,

Sonnja, from the Netherlands
Beertje Zonn