Monday, August 11, 2008

Let's Go to Sea.

If you want to come on a walk with me you better hurry cause it's 10 to four and it's quite a long way. We leave from my house and walk the 1 kilometre to the main highway. It's often quite busy so be prepared to run if you have to, across the 4 lanes.Phew!

Now we are around the corner of a long country road the leads right down the peninsula to the inland sea.There is no real walking path so sometimes there is grass under our feet, sometimes stones and rubble, sometimes tar seal.( in places we even walk in the drain if it's the flattest, widest part )
I purposely came this way today because I knew that Mrs. A's daffodil patch would be a picture. She has lived here a very long time and every year, her host of golden daffodils is a picture; or a poem. ( Thanks Wordsworth )

Now this isn't all plain sailing or flat road although we are slowly going down to sea level we have to climb some hills to do so. ( stop puffing so loudly ).We cross the railway line by an overhead bridge and look down on both sides. What is that heap of logs doing there ? ( did they fall off a train ?) It's flatter now and more closely populated. Someone has a lovely blossom tree - an Apricot perhaps, as it is a little early for Cherries.There you can spy the water behind the houses. Now we are getting really civilised as suddenly a footpath begins. Much easier walking now. Past houses of all ages and sizes most with well tended gardens and finally we round a bend and there down a slight slope is that ancient gum tree by the waters edge. Council has had to do drastic surgery to make sure it's old limbs don't fall on anyone. It is a mere shadow of it's former self. ( did you see the Mount in the distance ? )

Now if you have a small boat you could launch it here ; if it's bigger you may anchor it out in the stream. It is quiet and peaceful. I am not alone, a gull has found a bollard to perch on and help me look out to the harbour entrance.

You have just walked 6.5 kilometres in an hour and 5 minutes, and it's getting dark. Do you want to walk back now? No ? Well you better catch a ride with me and that bloke in the blue car.....he often comes and picks me up when I run away from home! ( photos are clickable )


Pixie said...

oh I did enjoy that walk, the daffodils! the railway line! one day I'll come and join you for real.

Molly said...

What a lovely peaceful part of the world you live in Ali! And what a treat to see those dancing daffs from the middle of a sweltering August in Florida!

Laurie from Rotorua NZ said...

I would like to nominate you an award for such a great blog and keeping me in touch with the Bay of Plenty....keeping the home fires burning as they say ....see my Blog and down load your award....I am not up to scratch on how you do this but I guess you save picture to your blog that was the way I did it.


Guðrún said...

I don´t want to go back, let´s keep on walking and see more of your country.

meggie said...

I did enjoy my walk. It is just as well that chap in the car is waiting- I would never make it home! One of those clear BOP days!

julieQ said...

Gorgeous walk, I loved it! My thighs are smaller already!