Friday, August 01, 2008

Rough Week.

This week has been a rough one for New Zealand - weather wise.

Strong winds and heavy relentless rain has caused mayhem in almost all areas of the country. Slips on roads and under folks houses; falling trees; power outages; floods, high tides and even snow, depending where you live. Shirley has photos of excess water in her garden and I think there was more heavy rain there last night, so hope she isn't afloat.
Compared with many our clean up is of a more normal nature as it happens quite often. The huge gum trees behind the house have spread leaves and limbs for hundreds of metres. One drain blocked and flooded a Kiwifruit block till we cleared the drain. The creek flowing into the dam took an extra path and created a new island but of course dumped lots more silt in the dam. Plants in the garden got trashed but most will be just fine. I rushed out and picked 6 Iceland poppies but they were already partly shredded. There are more buds coming so maybe those will brighten the garden next week. Some shrubs like the Magnolia Stalata , burst into flower with the rain and the first real daffodil popped open.There are still patches of colour out there but the overcast day makes things look a little dreary. The broccoli didn't get trashed and I picked 2 heads this morning.
DH has had a nasty throat and cold this week so on Tuesday I had to drive by myself to Rotorua to the funeral of my 93 year old Aunt. She has had cancer for a few years now and decided not to have radical treatment for it( sensible at her age ) and so has gradually declined till she passed away last Friday with her 3 daughters there with her. I have now just one Uncle -my Dad's younger brother and one Auntie - my Mum's younger sister left in that generation. I drove by the direct road from Pyes Pa to Ngongotaha, ( a back road but the shortest from here )and normally it has a beautiful view of patches of bush set against green paddocks. On Tuesday I was floating in the clouds much of the time and got a face full of slanting rain when I pulled over to try and take some photos. So there is just one there I took on the way home of the bush close to the roadside; so I will have to leave lush bush photos till another trip.
I stopped at Cottage Flair in Ngongotaha to buy a gift for a quilter friend. I spent a pleasant 45 minutes or more checking out everything in the shop out before collecting a jelly roll, a book, a pressing sheet, and some of the new misty fuse and a pattern for her. Please note I did not buy any fabric for myself......I can be quite strong willed sometimes LOL! The shop was surprisingly busy for a wet, cold, miserable day so I guess there were lots of quilters inside houses in the area busy sewing who needed extra supplies - good for them!
Finally I wanted to tell Gudrun that I have been reading an article of the progress some New Zealanders ( Gareth and Jo Morgan and co ) are making on their motorbike trip. They circled Iceland before venturing even further north. You can check it out on
I love Iceland Poppies and want to know do they come from Iceland Gudrun and do you grow any?

I have not started any new quilting projects, rather I am doing a stock take and finding small projects to complete or reading some mags and in the evenings I have UNPICKED an entire quilt top I made while learning that I didn't like, to retrieve some nice fabric from in amongst some yuck fabric.( how's that or perseverance ???)


Molly said...

We, too, are having buckets of rain, which is a good thing after some very dry years. Out in the garden between showers today I could literally hear things growing. It sounded like the earth was humming to itself, so happy at all the lovely moisture! Only difference is it's blissfully warm, even when it's raining.....

Guðrún said...

I have never heard of those Iceland poppies. They do look a lot like flowers that grow here but I will have to do some research. I am going to look at the bike tour around Iceland :) Thanks for telling me.

julieQ said...

I am sorry about your bad weather, and hope it is smoother here on in. We enjoy the rain, but the violent storms are a bit much! I always enjoy your flower pictures.

meggie said...

My brother lives in Auckland, & he has been battered by the rain & winds, but says their place is nice & dry inside, & no damages.
That orchid is a lovely colour!