Thursday, September 11, 2008

Somewhere to Hang Your Hat.

Somewhere to hang your hat - maybe ; but much more likely to hang my BAGS.
As I became addicted to making lovely colourful bags I realised I wanted somewhere to hang/ display them. ( not in the cupboard as up till yesterday ). I knew what I wanted - a hat for months / years, I have been looking in the paper, on Trade Me and second hand shops and never found what I wanted. So I gave in and got a new modern version of what I had visualised.( first we had to assemble it ! - not too bad) It is portable, so I will try it in various places or maybe move it from time to time.( HE HE - there are still some unused spaces on it )
On Tuesday evening I had to go to a meeting ( boring as ; about Kiwifruit )down at the Boat shed at Omokoroa ( remember we took a walk there ). As I approached there was a rainbow landing right on the spot I was going to, so I pulled over and quickly took this photo out the window. There are some funny things accidentally captured in the shot so I left them. By the time I parked the car and walked to a better position the rainbow had all but faded, in all of 2 minutes.( that's Mt. Maunganui in the background. )
I've passed half way on hand stitching the binding!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Brilliant idea to display your bags! Love the padded hearts you are making for the cardiac patients - what a thoughtful gift.

Joyce said...

I love your idea for displaying your bags. I have mine in a big pile on a shelf.

meggie said...

Love the bagstand idea!
Great photo.

Guðrún said...

It is a great way to display the bags. I am thinking how I could display my bags! Is the steer on the right side of the car like in the UK?

Isabelle said...


(Do you know, I've never been to a meeting about kiwifruit?)