Tuesday, September 09, 2008

White heart, red heart.

On Sunday we were invited to visit some folk who have renovated an old homestead and revamped the garden. This is the view from in front of the house. ( looking towards Bowentown Heads )( they have a ride on mower! ) Woodland type garden is set around this long green lawn.The sun was still shining with quite a breeze which of course bought us 2 more inches of rain yesterday. Today we had fog and drizzle but it is clearing now, but back to very wet underfoot.
See the lovely firm cauliflower we just harvested.....there are 4 more to follow in the next weeks. When I buy a punnet of seedlings I put 3 in the vege garden and 3 in some large blue tubs we have up beside the garden shed. The extra warmth those tubs get means the plants in them mature at least 2 or 3 weeks before the ones in the garden; it's a good way to make sure they don't all come ready at once. Yum! ( white heart )
The red heart shapes are preparation for this Friday when our P & Q group have been asked to make some small soft red pillows for the Heart Foundation. They give them out to all Heart Surgery patients when they leave hospital. Apparently they get used for putting between the seat belt in the car and the persons healing scar.
In the photo the 2 at the top are cut out ready to sew together( wrong side showing ) the one at the bottom has been sewn not stuffed.I was just doing some experimenting to show that scraps could be sewn together as well as just using one fabric.We are going to make them chain gang style. Some ladies cutting, some sewing, some stuffing some finishing the hole by hand.
Yesterday as it was so wet I cut and sewed on the binding on Purple Splendour. I was SO careful it went on beautifully every corner just right so that was pleasing. Last night I began hand sewing it down...I have done a small distance of the 33 feet needed. ( I'll be a wee while .)


loulee1 said...

Mmmmm, Cauli and cheese sauce.

Sweet little hearts.

meggie said...

Love cauliflowers!
What a lovely green vist. You would need a ride-on for that expanse!
Nice idea for the hearts.

Joyce said...

Cauliflower and white sauce is a favorite around here. I don't grow them because of the cabbage butterfly larva eating them up. We have a lawn like that but DH thinks our mower isn't big enough.

Guðrún said...

Beautiful view.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Well done, that cauli looks delicious.

anne bebbington said...

I love the idea of those soft heart cushions - when my dad had his triple bypass twelve years ago I remember him complaining just how uncomfortable it was coming home from hospital - great idea!