Thursday, October 16, 2008


If you walk where I walk, along country roads in BOP, New Zealand you will come across MAILBOXES.

Many stand in friendly groups.

Do you prefer red or green?

Yellow or blue?

Grey or silver perhaps? Or black? Some stand beside fruit stalls.
Our mail box stands in a group of 4. Do you have a mail box or letterbox ? Have you ever taken it's photograph?


Molly said...

Yours look very civilised and restrained compared to some you see in these parts! One very popular one is in the shape of a manatee standing on his tail!

Bethel of Bethania said...

G'day Ali
I love the letterboxs in NZ & especially the ones around Alexandris in the south island ... I have a lovely letterbox it was rainbow colours first but now matches my fence - if you pop on over to my place it you will see it in the slide show at the bottom of my page...
I also love your fabric baskets you have made ... I have the pattern but I think I need to get in & make some - 'doing' instead of 'thinking' ... ha ha
OOroo ... Bethel of Bethania

Tracey Petersen said...

Definitely red for me.

Nice post!

Joyce said...

We have a mailbox standing in a group of three. None of the mailboxes around here are the least bit interesting so I never thought of taking a picture of them.

Sharon said...

While staying near Rotorua I noticed a number of mailboxes made out of old microwave ovens!

loulee1 said...

I remember seeing some very decorative mail boxes when I was in NZ a few years ago.
No such thing here, just a slot in the outer front door.

Guðrún said...

The mailman brings the mail to my door.

meggie said...

Loved seeing the rural mailboxes. I have a cousin who is a Rural Malman.
Remember the ones on welded chains with curves. I remember seeing some publication with just unusual mail boxes as it's subject matter.
Perhaps it was a Kiwi publishing effort?

Deb H said...

It would make a fun subject for a quilt. All different sorts of mailboxes.

Ours is quite beat up. We apparently had a crazy lady in our neighborhood who took all her aggression out on the mailboxes. She wanted everyone to conform & get the locked boxes that the postoffice would put in for a fee. She like the neatness of them. She thought individual boxes were messy looking. She went around & beat on the boxes, even hooked them to her bumper & took them down until someone caught her at it, & turned her in! All the time we were blaming wild teens! & it was a crazy house-wife!

Anonymous said...

I have often thought about taking photos of mailboxes. The RSD (Road Side Delivery) boxes here in Australia are amazing. It is a wonder that mail is ever retreived from them in one piece.
BTW the pub on my blog is the one on "Heartbeat" which is a British program set in 1960's Yorkshire.

julieQ said...

Pretty colored mailboxes! Some people are pushing them down aroung here for fun...hey, could you go pick up all those avos and send them to me?? Hee!

Lindi said...

The green tone in nicely with their surroundings, but oh the red! Isn't it fabulous!
I'll have to stop and take photos of some of our country ones in future. Lots of humour in some of them.