Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sometimes It's in the Detail.

Although there are more quilt photos I could show, I will finish Our Exhibition by showing some closeups.
Sometimes it's in the detail and finishing or extra touches that makes a quilt distinctive.For example in the border around a quilt that didn't really appeal to me it's border detail did.Tiny flowers and leaves made by folding bias tapes joined the quilted stems and twigs together.( click to enlarge )
Pat Heslop made the whole cloth quilt by hand - she wanted to always have some handwork to do and this is the finished result.Hard to photograph - but it was amazing.
Anna used special buttons on her wall hanging of blue and white teapots( see previous post for photo ). They each had a word like love, hope etc.

If there is something about the quilt in the final photo that you think you have seen before - you would be right. Shame it's a bit dark in the pic. I was very proud of it, and it was a large splash of yummy colour right as you walked into the room.
* Yes, Paula they are french knots.The rest was stitched in the ditch - quite lightly quilted.
*Yes Anne B we do know who Kenny Everit was we saw him on TV frequently many years ago.


anne bebbington said...

Nice picture of you with your quitl Ali - great to put a face to the name

meggie said...

Lovely lovely pic!! Congrats for entering.
I looked at all the pics & thought the BOP really knows how to quilt!!!

Thankyou so much for sharing it all & for making me feel sooo homesick.

Guðrún said...

Yes it is true, sometimes there are small things that really make the quilt beautiful.