Saturday, January 03, 2009

Calendars and Diaries.

We seem to have calendars hung in almost every room in the house. We get given some from firms we deal with, which is very nice but for this year I bought a lovely artistic one ( at Calico Christmas ), because the photos delighted me. I think I will share them with you month by month. January is beautiful butterflies.(Calli core species ). The calendar is called "Exquisite Creatures" - The insect Art of Christopher Marley.
I also got myself an aesthetically pleasing ( to hold and look at ) Diary . Normally a small wee handbag size one or notebook serves my purpose, but, as this year I have added responsibilities I decided I better be really organised. I am the Vice President of our Patchwork and Quilters Group for 2009, and responsible for taking the Friday meetings twice a month. Also for attending Committee meetings.( I refused to agree to attending Tuesday night meetings as well, so the President is doing those - so we are job sharing. ) ( I'm in charge of Vice ! - LOL )We have about 100 members so some organisation is required.
The said Diary was made in NZ ( yes! ) and has a soft chamois leather feel cover. It has a wire spine and lots of extra pages ( that could be pulled out or used for lists. ) ( hope it helps ).
A few days ago I got to meet with Laurie, who now lives back in NZ. She called in while on her way to Athenree.She kindly gave me a wee gift she had made, a cute little pin cushion. ( as I have only one other it will get used.)Thank You Laurie. We intend to meet again when I go over to Ngongotahah to spend my voucher at Cottage Flair.
Gudrun, you asked," do we get a break now from the orchard?" . NO - if it is fine we have loads of fruit work to do over the next few weeks. ( we do not work in the rain - so get a little time out that way ) The Kiwifruit is growing really fast at this stage in their life and have to be thinned to a number that can get to be really big . We need to be everywhere at once!
Consequently I have not made huge progress with the Jewelled Bird. I have cut some feathers and know what to do next.( there is no hurry so that's okay ).I can see 2009 being a very, very busy year for me. Busy is good - right?


Molly said...

At the bookstore the other day I saw millions of calendars, but I'm holding out for a nice quilting one! Meanwhile, for everyday tracking of appointments etc, we get a plain one with large boxes for each day from the office supply store. Those butterflies look lovely! And I love that little log cabin cushion....Hope you have a happy and healthy new year Ali!

Guðrún said...

This calender must be especially made for you all who have summer now.

YankeeQuilter said...

I love problem is at the end of the year I don't want to get rid of them!

Had my first Kiwi and Pomegranate Snapple last week and thought of your orchard....

Isabelle said...

Busy is good.. up to a point. But too busy is not so good.

Beautiful pincushion!

meggie said...

Is the little log cabin your new pincushion? It is gorgeous. I see all the lovely pincushions out there, & keep promising myself another.
Love the colours for that jewelled bird!

Joanna said...

I just found your blog and have been having a good look through your posts! As a homesick Kiwi living it the States, I love finding new NZ quilt blogs:) I see your last name is Honey - I remember some Honeys from when I lived in Hamilton. Do you have any relatives there?! I think one of their names might have been Steve and Diane? Hmmm it's been a long time and I was only young then.

Anyway, it's been great looking around your blog, and I will be back!