Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Moving Forward.

I was very touched by all the kind comments. Thank you all very much. After a few days I am now able to talk about Inky without going to pieces BUT we both are still doing habit things - thinking he will be at the door, or needing feeding. A matter of us retraining ourselves.

Unfortunately that was followed closely by finding out that one of the older members of my P & Q Group died yesterday. Marie was a special lady and I will miss her friendship.
A little progress has been made sewing the feathers for the Jewelled Bird. It appears to be puckering the fabric a bit but all the gold fabric around the outside will later be cut away so may not show so badly.
Every few days I am picking a small number of blueberries, off 2 small bushes, so might buy another couple since they have proved to be happy growing where they are planted.
I'm not exactly sure how high an elephants eye is ( depends where he is holding his head )but our corn is high and ready and juicy and yummy! ( Forgot to get a picture - still can and will show another day.)


Molly said...

Do you have a recipe for corn chowder? If not I'll have to post it for you! Best use ever of fresh, sweet corn! Your blueberries look luscious...We're hoping for a bigger yield from the Bean's three bushes this spring!

Guðrún said...

Ummm the blueberries look yummy.

meggie said...

Oh I love fresh corn! Those Blueberries look delicious.
We have it so hot here, it is just salad weather!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Ali -- I'm behind reading blogs and I'm so sorry to hear about Inky. And now your quilting friend. I hope this week will be beter. ;-)