Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Happier Saturday.

Just some of the yummy veges from the garden. I can't walk past the wee yellow tomatoes without popping one in my mouth.
Yesterday was our 1st P & Q meeting for 2009. There were only 24 there cause it's still Summer holidays for many folk. We had a lovely shared lunch and then at 2 pm 14 of us went to the Funeral of out member Marie - who we were staggered to learn she was in her 90 th year.( she must have been the eldest in our group ) We will miss her smiling positive presence!. A new person turned up to join and paid her sub - she is already a serious quilter, so we are maintaining numbers. I look forward to a busy year with these friends; we have lots planned. I may get less done at the meetings sewing wise but I don't mind someone has to organise.
Today we are having a much needed catch up mow and clean day. Yeah!
It is a still, sunny, beautiful day here in BOP, NZ.
This evening we are going out with 3 relations. ( 2 from out of town )One we really like the other 2 are hard to take, but I was delighted when the suggestion was made to eat out - saves me the job and it is simply ages since we have been in a restaurant.
* answer - As far as I know dragonflies do NO damage at all - only eat other small insects - that's good. BUT if they get any bigger it could be scary!


loulee1 said...

You're right, dragonflies will not harm your garden in any way. I don't find them scary at all, there is something other worldly about them, I think faries ride on them! ;-) I've been inspected closely by dragonflies from time to time and love the way they flit about.

Guðrún said...

I think they are scary although they are "not bigger" than this.

Ali Honey said...

I have been watching but not seen it again yet. I hope it visits again.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I hope I am still quilting at 90! What a full life your member had. Your garden produce looks delicious!

Molly said...

Mouthwatering tomatoes! They are a different breed entirely from what you find in the supermarket!

I put the corn chowder recipe on the cooking blog on the 24th. Hope you still have corn to try it!

meggie said...

Those little yellow tomatoes are so sweet & delicious. I always feel homesick for the BOP when I visit you Ali!
Your friend of just on 90 must have enjoyed her life, with her quilting!

Tracey Petersen said...

Lovely that you could be there to celebrate the life of your quilter friend.

Delicious looking produce!